The Legacy of Yên Tử

12:58:13 PM | 4/30/2023

The King Who Became A Monk

More than 700 years ago, after twice defeating the powerful invaders of the Mongol empire, King Trần Nhân Tông abdicated his throne and went to Yên Tử mountain to practice Buddhism. As a solitary monk in deep meditation, he became enlighted and founded the Trúc Lâm Zen sect, a Buddhist lineage imbued with Vietnamese identity. At the same time, he brought the humane and compassionate values of Buddhism into political and socio-economic life, establishing a prosperous and stable Đại Việt nation.

Tue Tinh Healthcare Center - inspired by great physician Tue Tinh - uses therapies from herbs in Yen Tu


Now, over 700 years later, the people of Tùng Lâm – Yên Tử region in an expression of reverence for the great King, the Buddha of the Vietnamese people, created a  cultural complex at the foot of the holy mountain. With extraordinary architectural details, the Trúc Lâm Palace, Diên Hồng Ballroom, the Wellness Centre “Am Tuệ Tĩnh”, an ancient village, and Zen gardens dazzling with beautiful flowers and trees inspired by the age-old stupa gardens on Yên Tử mountain, were designed by talented architect Bill Bensley and the Tùng Lâm team. A multitude of craftsmen from traditional craft villages throughout the country using local materials and the age-old techniques of Bát Tràng pottery, Phù Lãng earthenwares, Đại Bái bronze casting, Ninh Vân stone making, and Phú Vinh bamboo weaving contributed to the complex’s cultural authenticity.  The complex is a hidden gem in Yên Tử’s National Forest of ancient red pines and plumeria trees. Meandering nearby, the clear Giải Oan stream originates high on the mountain in the crystal waters of the Golden and Silver Waterfalls. Similar to an ancient museum, this site seems to have existed for hundreds of years.

Cheraw dance in Nuong Village, Yen Tu

Immersed in Sensation

As soon as you arrive you are immersed in the tranquil space of Yên Tử mountain and forest. As though you’d traveled back in time to the ancient centuries of the Dai Viet country you experience the ancient soul of the Viet nation. The echo of a thousand-year Viet culture crystallizes in the architectural features, with ancient tile roofs, arched doors, and long wooden corridors. "The Journey of Ancient Footprints” tour takes you up the mountain to discover ancient stupas, hermitages, and pagodas covered in moss and traces of time. In the afternoon, descending the high mountain, your body and soul will be treated and purified in the wellness “Am Tuệ Tĩnh” using the natural aroma of herbs collected on the mountain and in the forests of Yên Tử. Macrobiotic meals are served at the Streamside Restaurant or in Tung Lam's stilt house. Experience the culinary and cultural flavors of the Tay, Nung, and Yao ethnic minorities who live in the northern mountainous regions.

In Yên Tử Village, learn how to make conical hats, bamboo dragonflies, bamboo flutes, and other traditional handicrafts.

In the evening, gather in the Yên Tử village communal courtyard to join in the bustling atmosphere of a Village Festival Night. Dance and sing with local people, and take part in the bamboo stick dance or the lion and dragon dance. View the performances of local Yao people.

These experiences take you on a journey with a unique touch, connecting you with the heritage of the mountain and the cultural quintessence of the Vietnamese people. Leave with a fresh source of energy to love life more and find life more worth living, then depart for home ready to devote more to life and society.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum