Discovering the Beauty of Con Cuong Eco-tourism

10:56:48 AM | 6/13/2023

Con Cuong district (Nghe An province) is an eco-tourism center located about 130 km from Vinh City. It is naturally endowed with primeval forests, charming landscapes and majestic limestone mountains in Pu Mat National Park.

Con Cuong district has much potential for community-based tourism

Pu Mat National Park was recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve in November 2007. With 128,000 ha of forest, Pu Mat is the highest mountain peak in the region with an altitude of 1,841m where there are many rare animal and plant species. Rare animal species include Saola (spindlehorn), monkeys, chamois, langurs, black gibbons, sun bears, Vietnamese crested argues, pheasants, oriental pied hornbills and jungle chicken. According to surveys, the national park has relatively rich flora, with 1,297 varieties belonging to 607 genera and 160 families of 6 higher plant branches to form a primeval forest with very rich and diverse plant species.

Con Cuong is a very special eco-tourism destination with many places of interest.

Khe Kem Waterfall: Lying in the core zone of Pu Mat National Park, Khe Kem Waterfall has a steep slope of 500m high, which forms falling white foams, endowing this place with a cool atmosphere and green trees all year round. If you get in the water, you will feel fish touching your legs, which is a very refreshing feeling.

Once coming here, visitors will have a chance to live a traditional life, taste traditional dishes or exchange culture and art with local residents

Nuoc Moc Rift: Nua village, Yen Khe commune lies a running water flow all year round. The water is extremely clear. It is cool in the summer and very warm in the winter. You will feel very enjoyable and safe to take swim here. Lying close to the center of Con Cuong Town, the access to this place of interest is very convenient, making it a popular tourist destination.

Pha Lai Dam: This is a large spillway on the Giang River in Mon Son commune, designed to store water for irrigation in this area. You can take a boat upstream, enjoy a cool bath in nature, immerse yourself in the magnificent unspoiled natural scenery, and discover the life rhythm of indigenous people.

Tham Nang Man Cave: Lying in Na Pha village, Yen Khe commune, the cave covers 1,800 square meters and was formed hundreds of millions of years ago. It is enchanted by stalactites and stone columns of charming shapes and forms like a mother with a baby in her hands, animals in a common meeting, sky-supporting pillars, terraced fields, thrones, flying dragons and dancing phoenixes, silk ribbons and rice dunes. For the Thai people, it is a place of spiritual and cultural beliefs. It is believed that boys and girls in love come here to pray for luck, for love, for happiness and for whatever they want.

Pha Lai Dam is a popular tourist destination 

Visitors to Con Cuong can enjoy locally distinctive culinary dishes such as crispy grilled cool fish of the Giang River, grilled meat, bon soup, five-color sticky rice, buffalo croissant-shape cake, sauce, rice in bamboo sticks, Khau Khieu soup, forest vegetables, bamboo shoots and leaf-fermented wine.

You also have the opportunity to exchange culture and art with local residents in Khe Ran (Bong Khe commune), Nua village and Pha village (Yen Khe commune) and Xieng village (Mon Son commune), dance traditional stick dances and drink spirits with local people. You can join cultural activities of the homestay community, interact with indigenous people and sleep in stilt houses. These are surely memorable experiences.

The terrain and climate, characterized by rocky mountains formed millions of years ago, green trees and wildlife, create a very fertile soil layer in the core and buffer zones of Phu Mat National Forest. Therefore, there are a lot of unique products in cultivation and animal husbandry that cannot be found elsewhere. These include Pu Mat medicinal herbs (Bong Khe commune), fruit products, jam, orange wine in Pha village (Yen Khe commune), leaf-fermented wine in Xieng village (Don Phuc commune), can wine (drunk via long straws) in Chom Muong village (Mau Duc commune), brocade in Xieng village (Mon Son commune), bamboo and rattan products in Diem village (Chau Khe commune), which are better-known to tourists and people far and wide.

In the hot summer (the average temperature in Nghe An is about 40°C), coming to Con Cuong to hide away from the burning sun is an ideal choice. This is the reason why Con Cuong ecotourism is becoming more and more attractive.

By The Thang, Vietnam Business Forum