Vinh Phuc Fosters Party Development in Private Firms

9:34:53 AM | 7/31/2023

The Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee has strengthened its leadership and directed effective Party member development to foster the pioneering and exemplary role of Party members in non-State enterprises. The Provincial Party Committee issued Directive 20 on strengthening leadership and development of Party cells and party members in enterprises.

The Provincial People’s Council promulgated many support mechanisms and policies to establish Party cells in companies; and provided working budgets for Party comrades and members in non-state firms. In 2021, the Executive Board of the Provincial Party Committee assigned Party development targets and membership development in companies to heads of district-level Party committees. The Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee directly worked with some FDI firms to inform and clear difficulties and obstacles in Party cell establishment.

With specific and realistic methods, Party membership development, especially in non-State companies in Vinh Phuc province, achieved many positive results. From the beginning of the current term to date, the province has established 69 new Party cells in non-state enterprises, reaching 140.8% of the given target, 50 more cells than in the 2015-2020 term. Seven grassroots Party cells in FDI firms were formed with nearly 600 Party members and nearly 1,500 Party members were admitted.

Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy Lan, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, recently attended the launching ceremony of a Party cell at Jahwa Vina Co., Ltd in Khai Quang Industrial Park and showed up at the admission ceremony of new Party members at Compal Vietnam Co., Ltd in Ba Thien II Industrial Park. In Jahwa Vina Co., Ltd., the leader of the Party Committee of the Vinh Phuc Business Division announced the decision on the establishment of the grassroots cell with 15 members and the decision on the appointment of the Party secretary in the company in the 2020 - 2025 term.

Secretary of Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee Hoang Thi Thuy Lan presents a congratulatory flower basket to the Party Committee of Jahwa Vina Co., Ltd.

Being glad that Jahwa Vina Company is one of the first foreign-invested firms and the second South Korean company in Vinh Phuc province to establish a Party cell, Secretary Lan hoped that the Party cell will soon operate stably and develop to support business expansion and protect legitimate rights and interests of the company and its employees. She asked the cell to promote its roles, grasp difficulties and problems relating to production, business, security and order, tax, customs and other aspects to report to the superior Party cells, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee to have instructions for prompt solution of existing difficulties and obstacles, improve work performance, business and competitiveness. At the same time, it should focus on leading Party members and mass organizations in the company to promote propaganda and mobilize employees to perform their production and business tasks well; formulate and implement the charter, labor contracts, collective bargaining agreement, internal labor rules and other regulations of the company.

Besides, it should proactively prevent and remedy law violations, ensure the interests of the state of Vietnam, and the legitimate rights and interests of the company and its employees; develop and admit new Party members; build a clean and strong Party organization.

Handing the decision on Party admission and presenting flowers to 17 new Party members at Compal Vietnam Co., Ltd, Secretary Lan hoped that the new Party members will uphold their pioneering and exemplary roles, effectively perform their duties and powers as Party members at work, follow internal regulations and mobilize the masses to participate in Party construction and development in the coming time. At the same time, the Party cell should actively train and improve professional capacity, political qualities, revolutionary ethics and exemplary roles in performing its tasks as a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam. She also suggested that the Executive Board of Compal Vietnam Co., Ltd continue to pay attention and facilitate its Party cell to work effectively; develop Party membership both in quantity and quality; and create a premise for early formation of the Party Committee.

Determining that Party development in non-state enterprises is an important task of the Party Committee of the Vinh Phuc Business Division, in the coming time, the Provincial Party Committee will continue to carry out solutions to reinforce and develop grassroots Party cells in enterprises, help improve business performance and actively join the province’s political tasks.

By Hoang Tham, Vietnam Business Forum