“Let’s Feast Vietnam” Showcases Best of Vietnamese Cuisine and Culture

10:39:01 AM | 8/14/2023

On the official launch of Let's Feast Vietnam, BHD and Meta, together with the International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and nearly 100 content creators, announced the launch of a contest where everyone can become a Tourism Ambassador for Vietnam with short videos promoting the images of the country and people on social media.

The reality show Let's Feast Vietnam has just held its launching event in Ho Chi Minh City, welcoming the show’s guest watchers, including Tran Thanh, Hari Won, Ky Duyen, Minh Trieu, and Vietnamese contestants Thao Nhi Le, Rocker Nguyen, Dino Vu and nearly 100 content creators, US Ambassador Marc E. Knapper, as well as many guests and reporters.

On the show, fourteen talented content creators from 6 Asian countries embark on an exciting journey with unique culinary and travel experiences to discover the country and people of Vietnam through dynamic destinations, including Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, Ha Long, and Hanoi. The journey to discover Vietnam is a double challenge for the contestants as they have to complete many tasks from the show while creating Reels videos under time pressure. With a new concept, Let's Feast Vietnam promises to bring exciting, thrilling, and desirable entertainment moments to audiences. The program’s short video challenge has a total prize of up to 800 million VND, of which 500 million is the prize for the team with the most likes and 300 million is the prize for the audience's favorite on social networks.

The contestants of the program are content creators from 6 Asian countries with 1st Runner Up Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 Thao Nhi Le, talented food blogger Vu Dino; two multi-talented artists Rocker Nguyen from Vietnam and Hwang Joo Won from Korea; Runner Up Miss Charm 2023 Olivia Tan from Indonesia and Korean content creator Seo Yeon Kim; Anisha Thai – a joyful dancer who is half Vietnamese and her best friend J Lou from Hong Kong (China), funny creators from the Philippines Aaron Macacua and Jaime Marino; a famous chef duo who have reached the top 3 of Master Chef Indonesia - Machel Wie and Arsyan Dwianto; Comedian Brandon and Joliechi from Taiwan (China).

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hoa, Head of the International Cooperation Department - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, shared: “Let's Feast Vietnam brings a youthful and vibrant energy in the journey to discover the beauty of Vietnam. Vietnam has become the place where young people connect with all the excitement, passion for creativity, commitment and experience.”

Mr. Khoi Le, Country Director of Meta in Vietnam, emphasized: “In addition to connecting Asian content creators, Meta is excited to be able to promote Vietnam's culture, cuisine, and people through platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Audiences will experience an authentic Vietnam through Reels created by content creators throughout the program. Let's Feast Vietnam is both an entertaining reality show and a new and effective step to help attract curiosity and inspire international travelers to come visit Vietnam. Meta has a long-term commitment to contribute to promoting tourism, stimulating digital economic growth as well as conveying valuable messages about Vietnam through short videos like Reels, which has shown strong growth recently.”

Besides the contestants, the program also welcomes Producer, Actor, MC Tran Thanh, singer Hari Won, and supermodel duo Miss Minh Trieu & Ky Duyen as watchers. “Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu are very happy to be featured in Let's Feast Vietnam as watchers. We both love to travel and explore destinations, but now as a commentator, it is very new and exciting to us to experience Vietnam from the point of view of international friends, what a special way of traveling! For example, although there are destinations I visited before when I watched the show, I found it new, interesting, and attractive. In addition, having participated in the Amazing Race, we also have the same feelings and experiences as Let’s Feast Vietnam’s contestants, so it is easy for us to empathize with them. The first time joining Tran Thanh and his wife Hari Won as watchers is also exciting. Thanh's smart and quick thinking and Hari's charm bring a lot of joy to us." – Miss Ky Duyen shared after participating in the program.

“Let’s Feast Vietnam is a lovely and authentic reality show that fosters cultural exchange. The multinational nature of the show erases the barriers of language and cultural differences to engage fully and share our experiences with each other. Moreover, the show also helps our international friends learn more about our beautiful country.” - MC Tran Thanh shared with excitement.

US Ambassador Marc E. Knapper said at the launch ceremony: “I am pleased to share with you that the US Mission is proud to support Vietnam's dynamic creative industry and Vietnamese businesses like BHD in their artistic pursuits. American companies such as Meta and Netflix have been investing significantly in Vietnam and contributing to bringing diverse entertainment programs to Vietnamese audiences. Let's Feast Vietnam is an example of the strong cooperation in the digital economy between the two countries. In July, we just celebrated the 10th anniversary of the comprehensive partnership between Vietnam and the United States. I am even more optimistic about the future of Vietnam's cultural industry as the two countries continue to work together on many exciting projects, such as Let's Feast Vietnam's Amazing Journey.”

Mr. Nguyen Phan Quang Binh, Let's Feast Vietnam’s Director and Representative of BHD, shared: “When producing the program, I saw the creativity, dynamism, and intelligence of the new generation of dynamic content creators in Asia. I feel and believe that our audiences will also feel that Asian countries are becoming closer and more open to each other.”

With 10 episodes, Let’s Feast Vietnam will broadcast every Tuesday and Wednesday on Netflix Asia and DANET platforms from August 15 to August 29, 2023. In addition, Reels, short video content made by the contestants as well as behind-the-scene moments will be shared on Facebook and Instagram of BHD, Meta VN, and on social channels of 14 content creators/celebs from 6 countries and regions.

At the launching event, many celebrities and creators have attended and congratulated the contestants and producers on completing a meaningful and interesting program. The Reels Challenge Amazing Journey has launched, with which anyone can create their own short video about their own Amazing Journey in Vietnam to answer the question "What is Vietnam to me?". Any Vietnamese person or international friend who has visited Vietnam can become a Tourism Ambassador promoting the country to the world. To join the challenge of #HanhTrinhKyThu #LetsFeastVietnam #MyVietnam, the Let’s Feast Vietnam crew and nearly 100 content creators participating in the event took a photo of “300 million followers”* to officially launch the contest.

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