Discovering "Inner Mongolia" at Foot of Cam Mountain

9:41:23 AM | 8/23/2023

For those who are passionate about tourism, Sao Mai An Hao Solar Farm in Tinh Bien district, An Giang province is considered “another Inner Mongolia” in Vietnam. It is located not far from a large prairieland at the foot of Cam Mountain and offers a vast green steppe for visitors to explore.

Sao Mai An Hao Solar Farm is a perfect combination of green grassland and clean energy - solar energy. Not only does it impressively boast a green savannah and diverse natural landscape, but it also brings prosperity to the region.

Thien Cam Son, the highest mountain in the Southwest region, is nestled in the Sao Mai An Hao Solar Farm. The natural water flows from Thanh Long Stream running down to Thien Canh Lake, the icon of the solar farm, capturing the quintessence of the mountain from the upstream. The Buddha’s hand-shaped rock, which reportedly brought good luck to the project from its construction to its connection to the Vietnamese grid, rules this land.

The landscape is a combination of mountains, lakes, streams and grasslands whose colors change with the passage of time in the year. Taking advantage of the charming landscape and special weather, the investor intended to build an entertaining safari with heat-tolerant sheep and rabbits that are friendly to humans. Recently, two-humped camels have also been added to the safari.

These lovely camels, raised for leisure purposes, have opened up business opportunities as well as created a source of creative inspiration for many people. The beautiful scenery of nature, with the sunlight creeping through the green grass, the mountains soaring to the sky and the clear lake mirroring, all form a beautiful picture of Cam Mountain.

In this space, a sense of peace and harmony radiates from carefree, friendly camels. On the smooth grass, young girls wearing traditional Inner Mongolian costumes take pictures with them in a colorful scene.

Since An Hao Solar Farm officially came into operation, it has become a bustling place. The investor has built a clean green amusement park in the most beautiful area to entice visitors to explore the landscape. The park features living animals and is designed to soften the dryness of the commercial power-generating land. An Hao Solar Farm is confidently developing a rising “green industrial tourism” model to meet the initial wish and create a new impetus for the local economy to quickly reach the finish line.

Bach Anh (Vietnam Business Forum)