President Vo Van Thuong Persisting with the Ideal of National Independence Associated with Socialism

2:53:59 PM | 9/6/2023

During his speech at the 78th anniversary ceremony of Vietnam’s National Day (September 2, 1945 - September 2, 2023), President Vo Van Thuong reaffirmed Vietnam’s persistent efforts to realize the ideal of national independence associated with socialism, which was chosen by the Party, Uncle Ho, and our people. He also expressed his aspirations for Vietnam to become a developed high-income country by 2045. Vietnam Business Forum is pleased to excerpt his speech.

President Vo Van Thuong, his spouse and delegates attend the flag-raising ceremony held on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day

1. In August 1945, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh, the entire Vietnamese nation rose up in unison to carry out a general uprising. They overthrew the yoke of feudal and colonial reigns and reclaimed leadership for the people.

The victory of the August Revolution in 1945 is one of the most glorious chapters in the history of Vietnam. It proved the strength of great national unity and ushered in a new era - an era of national independence aligned with socialism. The people of Vietnam ended slavery and retook mastery over their country and their own destiny.

President Ho Chi Minh asserted: “The August Revolution overthrew the monarchy that ruled for centuries, broke the colonial shackles for nearly 100 years, handed power to the people, and laid the foundation for the Democratic Republic of Vietnam - a country of independence, freedom, and happiness. It’s a huge shift in the history of our nation."

On September 2, 1945, at Ba Dinh Square, President Ho Chi Minh solemnly read the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (present-day Socialist Republic of Vietnam), and declaring to the world: “Vietnam has the right to enjoy its freedom and independence, and it has truly become a free and independent country. The entire people of Vietnam are determined to exert all their physical and mental strength and sacrifice their lives and properties to safeguard their freedom and independence.”

2. Since the Revolutionary Fall in 1945, in the spirit of “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom, the Vietnamese people fought valiantly through many extremely arduous and fierce long wars, with millions of elite men and women laying down their lives to liberate the people, reunify the nation, build and defend the Fatherland. Entering the Doi Moi era, with the goal of “wealthy people, powerful nation of democracy, justice and civilization, the Vietnamese people once again entered a difficult battle to eliminate hunger, reduce poverty, and eradicate backwardness. They obtained great achievements of historical significance. Political and social life is stable. National defense and security are maintained. Social security is guaranteed. People’s lives are constantly improving. From a country without an official name on the world map, Vietnam has now established diplomatic ties with 192 countries. It has emerged as one of the most dynamic economies in Asia-Pacific and affirmed its role as an important part of many economic links, free trade agreements, and production chains in the region and the world. Vietnam is indeed a country of peace, friendship, cooperation, development, beauty, safety, friendliness, and hospitality.

3. The people of Vietnam possess an invaluable asset and immense strength to overcome all difficulties, challenges, and losses. This strength stems from patriotism, great national unity, unwavering resolve and bravery, determination, self-reliance, resilience, and a burning aspiration for independence, freedom, peace, and happiness. These noble values are tempered, nurtured, preserved, and harnessed over the national construction and protection efforts of our people spanning thousands of years.

Vietnam persistently strives to realize the ideal of national independence associated with socialism that the Party, Uncle Ho, and the People have chosen. On the path to fulfilling the aspiration of becoming a developed high-income country by 2045, we must continue to build up the strength of great national unity. We must steadfastly promote the holistic and comprehensive implementation of Doi Moi and engage in extensive and comprehensive international integration. We must continue to perfect a rule-of-law socialist state and a socialist-oriented market economy. We must firmly safeguard our sovereignty and territorial integrity. We must preserve and build upon invaluable legacies cultivated by generations of Vietnamese people. Throughout that process, the people are always placed at the heart of Vietnam’s endeavors. They are considered the actor, the driver, and the consistent goal of all development policies.

4. President Ho Chi Minh, Hero of National Liberation and World Cultural Celebrity, once said that Vietnam is a part of the world and anything that happens in the world is truly relevant to Vietnam. Following his teachings, Vietnam has always conducted a consistent foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, diversification, and multilateralization of external relations. Vietnam is a friend, a reliable partner, and a responsible member of the international community for peace, stability, cooperation, and development of the world. Vietnam has successfully fulfilled its important tasks at multilateral forums and joined hands in realizing the goals of promoting development, safeguarding human rights, and contributing to the maintenance of global peace. Its efforts have earned recognition and affection from international friends. In each development stage of Vietnam, there are profound imprints of good affection, support, effective and practical cooperation, and sincere and meaningful help from friends around the world.

On this important day for our nation, on behalf of the Party, State, and People of Vietnam, I am pleased to once again extend my sincere gratitude to friends, partners, and progressive people worldwide for having stood with Vietnam and offered us your affection, trust, invaluable support, and friendship over the past 78 years. Your support has enabled Vietnam to have a grand fortune, potential, prestige, and international status that it has never had before. I am confident that this also serves as a strong foundation to further nurture this enduring bond of friendship and cooperation in the years to come."

5. We are living in a volatile and complicated era, where risks, difficulties, challenges, and problems are increasingly posed to every country. Global issues, traditional and non-traditional security continue to develop in complexity and threaten stability and sustainable development. Conflicts and divisions still emerge in many regions, and geopolitical tensions continue to escalate, placing multilateralism and international law in peril. To maintain common peace and prosperity for all countries, we need to stand united, bolster cooperation, uphold multilateralism, and respect the United Nations Charter and international laws. Vietnam is always a sincere, loyal friend, a reliable partner, and a responsible member of the international community.

I am confident that Ambassadors, Chargés d’Affaires, and Chief Representatives of international organizations will continue to represent good faith, sincerity, trust, and a close bond. They will make meaningful contributions to further enhancing strong cooperation between Vietnam and other partners around the world.

6. Art is a magical language that can bring people closer together and connect souls with emotions of the heart. Melodies of today’s art performances can evoke different levels of emotions. The spirit of friendship and humanity stemming from cultural and traditional values of Vietnam has transcended challenges of time and space. It has entwined with the quintessence of the culture of mankind to bring Vietnam to the world and bring the world to Vietnam.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum