Spreading Creative Production Emulation Movement

11:00:04 AM | 10/18/2023

Inspired by the “Good Worker-Creative Worker” movement, the staff members of Vinh Phuc industrial zones have demonstrated their creativity and innovation by pursuing cost-effective, productive and quality-enhancing techniques. Their efforts have resulted in profitable businesses and socio-economic benefits for the province.

Prime Group has leveraged  patriotic emulation movements to improve its output and reputation

One example of such excellence is Prime Group Joint Stock Company, located in Binh Xuyen Industrial Park. The company has 16 member companies and employs more than 4,000 workers, who have contributed hundreds of technical innovation initiatives each year. In 2023, the company participated in the 5th Technical Innovation Competition with nearly 1,000 grassroots-level initiatives. Prime Group Trade Union also joined the “75,000 Initiatives” program launched by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor by encouraging and assisting workers to upload their initiatives on the Confederation’s online portal. So far, Prime Group has successfully registered more than 700 initiatives to the system. Furthermore, at the preliminary conference of the “1 million initiatives” program organized by the Provincial Labor Confederation; Prime Group Trade Union was recognized as the collective that exceeded the target of the entire program in phase 1 with 351 initiatives.

Prime Group has leveraged the power of patriotic emulation movements, especially the “Creativity” and “Good Workers - Creative Workers”, to boost its production and business performance and establish its market position. In 2021-2022, Prime Group implemented 580 initiatives that generated a total value of nearly VND200 billion, enhancing its productivity, product quality, and work environment.

After 15 years of development, CNCTech - Vietnam’s first DDI enterprise investing in Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park is thriving thanks to its sound production and business strategy and its participation in competitive movements. From a processing enterprise operating in the field of supporting industries, CNCTech has now diversified into many key fields such as manufacturing electronic equipment, precision mechanics, oil and gas exploitation equipment; manufacturing automation lines and developing industrial infrastructure. Specifically, CNCTech has partnered with many large technology corporations around the world to offer comprehensive infrastructure solutions and integrated production, embracing the wave of production expansion to Vietnam; collaborating with major domestic and international logistics firms, gradually integrating into the global value chain, creating sustainable competitive advantages for Vietnamese businesses.

 To achieve and surpass the growth target set for 2023, CNCTech will prioritize investment in technology application, new product development and production optimization; develop various technology chains such as CNC machining technology, high precision casting technology, surface treatment technology, and automation; form joint ventures with many large technology partners to mass produce modules and integrated technology products. CNCTech will promote the emulation movements “Good Labor-Creative Labor” and the technical innovation initiative movement, creating new impetus for the upcoming period.

Kohsei Multipack Vietnam Limited Company is a 100% Japanese-owned enterprise that specializes in producing flexible plastic packaging materials such as PP, PE, and related accessories. The company has been able to create jobs and provide stable income for nearly 700 workers at Binh Xuyen Industrial Park by promoting emulation movements and enhancing production and business activities. To maintain export markets in countries such as Japan, Korea, and the Philippines, as well as an 8% share of the Vietnamese market, the company has invested in new machinery, equipment, and technology. It has also promoted emulation movements such as “Good Workers - Creative Workers” and the technical improvement movement. The company proactively estimates raw materials and has established a business structure with a team of local workers and an advanced equipment system to promptly meet customer needs with the motto “Japanese quality, globally competitive prices.” The company aims to complete its set targets and plans in 2023 with a growth rate of about 10% compared to 2022.

As the Head of the Business Emulation Block in industrial zones, at the beginning of 2023, the Vinh Phuc Industrial Zones Management Board grouped 412 member enterprises into five emulation clusters. The board initiated and supported the emulation movement and spread it to all member enterprises. The board also urged businesses to follow best practices in production and business, to enhance their techniques and skills, and to adopt scientific and technological innovations for higher economic efficiency. The board evaluated and acknowledged businesses that performed well in production and business activities and made social contributions, and assisted them in applying for emulation and annual rewards.

The Business Emulation Block implemented effective emulation movements that suited their business realities. The emulation content was aligned with the production and business objectives of each enterprise and communicated to all staff members. The emulation movements of the Business Emulation Block in industrial zones led to innovative products, improved productivity, and expanded markets, as well as new methods and work styles. They empowered workers to adapt to the 4.0 industrial revolution.

By Tran Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum