Lac Hong Palace: Where Dreams Come True

10:44:21 AM | 10/23/2023

As a new entrant in the wedding and event planning industry, Lac Hong Palace (operated by K.N.V Co., Ltd) possesses all the essential elements to establish itself as a premier and exclusive wedding and event venue in Hai Phong City.


Classy and professional services

Located on the most scenic street in the port city of Hai Phong, at the heart of Parkson Plaza, Lac Hong Palace draws inspiration from the elegant peacock and the quintessential lotus - symbols of happiness and prosperity - to create a premier and exclusive wedding and conference center with luxurious, sophisticated architecture, excellent standards and professional service quality.

Lac Hong Palace pays attention to every detail of design, from the architectural space to the interiors. Each banquet hall has its own unique highlights and thematic designs that match modern wedding trends. The decorative styles are also regularly updated. Every corner, from the welcome entrance to the lobby space, is decorated with artistic flair to create sparkling backgrounds and memorable moments. Moreover, the stage is fully equipped with modern sound, lighting systems and projection screens to create unique effects that enhance the party atmosphere.

Besides the large halls for big events, Lac Hong Palace offers many other space options for small seminars and meetings with VIP partners for customers in Hai Phong City. All are fully equipped with modern facilities and support. The first floor of Lac Hong Palace features an atmospheric coffee space, where guests can meet up with friends and relatives and enjoy drinks with unique flavors in a relaxing ambiance before or after each party.

With the motto “Lac Hong Palace - Where dreams come true”, the center always strives to provide the best services and incentive programs. For Lac Hong Palace, paying attention to every detail and perfecting every movement in every event is a step toward the top of success. The guests will be warmly and thoughtfully welcomed by professional staff and comfortably experience the best things throughout the party and event. The service process includes operations and stages that are carefully and scientifically designed so that the staff can provide the most effective and professional service. From the stage of organization and decoration to MC, musical performances and wedding flowers, everything is focused and scripted in detail to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Furthermore, Lac Hong Palace boasts an extremely rich and diverse menu that can please any discerning guest. Prepared by skilled chefs, the dishes here have distinctive flavors that set them apart from other wedding centers in Hai Phong. Each chef always puts himself in the guests’ position to feel and understand what they want, thus sparing all his heart and soul into creating unique features for delicious dishes.

Placing service quality on top, Lac Hong Palace always aims at customer satisfaction and the success of every event, with confirmed quality and class, confidently creating “new marks” in the port city.

Profound and distinctive

Mr. Ngo Van Kieu, General Director of K.N.V Co., Ltd, said: Since its inception, the leadership of Lac Hong Palace aimed to create a specialized, unique conference and wedding center with well-branded classy services in Hai Phong City.

The center built an ecosystem complex that comprised of Lac Hong Place - a wedding and conference center, Lac Hong Buffet, Lac Hong Coffee and Lac Hong Chay with a customized guest holding capacity. Specifically, the first floor housed a coffee house, a buffet restaurant and a vegetarian restaurant; the second floor featured five halls with a capacity of 60 - 420 guests and VIP rooms with luxurious and discreet designs; the third floor offered three halls with a capacity of 300 - 360 guests along with new VIP rooms with neoclassic designs.

All these provided a 5-star space for customers. Additionally, the fourth floor had a hall with a holding capacity of 550 guests plus luxurious VIP rooms capable of accommodating 5 - 50 guests each. The fifth floor had a hall styled as a 2-story theater design capable of holding 600 - 1,300 guests.

 “This all demonstrates the great determination of the Board of Directors to deliver the best products and services to customers in the heart of the port city,” he emphasized.

Moreover, in business, the Board of Directors of Lac Hong Palace advocated building brand and reputation from the most basic things. Accordingly, building the brand reputation had to start by proving prestige with the company’s employees. Lac Hong Palace was one of the few service companies staffed by experienced employees. Lac Hong was confident about its very dedicated employees, from the friendly smile of security personnel, the meticulousness and sophistication of chefs, the thoughtfulness and enthusiasm of service staff to the professionalism of MCs, coordinators and operators.

Regarding future plans, entrepreneur Ngo Van Kieu said: Hai Phong City was a favorite place of interest for investors in the country. The city was a pole in the northern economic growth triangle that had rapid economic growth with complete urban and transportation infrastructure, a convenient connection to Hanoi as well as neighboring localities. Therefore, the demand for large-scale events and conferences in the city was huge. This was also an opportunity for MICE tourism as well as associated services to develop.

Seizing this trend, in the coming time, Lac Hong Palace will continue to expand and improve service quality. Led by a customer-centric approach, Lac Hong Palace constantly strived to bring customer satisfaction with professionalism and efficiency and affirmed its position as a leading venue for dining, weddings and meetings in Hai Phong City and the Northern region in general.

By Ngo San, Vietnam Business Forum