Business Forum Magazine: 30 Years of Collaboration with Businesses and Entrepreneurs

7:54:39 AM | 11/2/2023

Business Forum Magazine, previously known as Business Forum Newspaper, was founded on November 5, 1993. As per Decision 362/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on the ratification of the National Press Development and Administration Plan to 2025, Business Forum Newspaper was amalgamated with Vietnam Business Forum Magazine, Photo World Magazine, and Entrepreneurial Culture Magazine to become the exclusive voice of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) since April 2020.

Business Forum Magazine’s leadership at the personnel appointment conference. From left : Deputy Editor-in-Chief Pham The Nam, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Nguyen Tien Dung, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Nguyen Linh Anh, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Tran Thi Hoai, and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Nguyen An Tiem

Business Forum Magazine, the official mouthpiece of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), has always been a trusted source of information for the business community and entrepreneurs. The magazine has been instrumental in disseminating Party and State guidelines and policies to the business community, thereby contributing significantly to socio-economic development and community support.

Over the past 30 years, Business Forum Magazine has become a reputable and trustworthy partner of the business community. The magazine has achieved several milestones since its inception and has emerged as one of the leading business magazines in Vietnam. Each publication, from black and white printing to color printing, is rich in diverse content that promptly reflects current socioeconomic situations with a warm breath of life. The magazine also provides business proposals to the Party and the State to improve policy institutions on socioeconomic management and development.

Business Forum Magazine currently publishes five print publications: Business Forum, Entrepreneurs, Vietnam Business Forum, Entrepreneurial Culture, and Photo World. Electronic versions of these magazines are also available. The magazine has received attention and appreciation from agencies, localities, international organizations, enterprises, and entrepreneurs both domestically and globally.

Mr. Ngo Van Hai (center, with tie), first Editor-in-Chief of Business Forum Newspaper (now Magazine), joins the reporters and editors for a group photo at the business writing contest award ceremony 

Business Forum Magazine has set itself the mission of covering the activities of enterprises and entrepreneurs in the fastest and most comprehensive way. The magazine constantly improves and strengthens cooperation with businesspeople, economic experts, researchers, and authorities to bring readers useful information. It guides the business community to grow their production and business, improve the performance and competitiveness of enterprises, and promptly reflects business situations and recommendations to the Party and the State to improve policy institutions on socioeconomic management and development.

Mr. Nguyen Linh Anh, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Business Forum Magazine, and other speakers at the “Logistics Development as a Driving Force for Economic Growth in the Southeast Region” forum co-organized by the magazine, September 2023

Business Forum Magazine is one of the first spokespersons of economic forums. It is a pioneering leader in startup promotion and one of the first media agencies to endorse entrepreneurship among young people and students - an important generation in the future startup force.

Apart from publishing, Business Forum Magazine has launched many annual programs and activities such as forums and seminars since the 2000s to remove difficulties and obstacles for enterprises and entrepreneurs. The 20-year National Startup Program has engaged thousands of young people and students, enabling the formation and development of nationwide entrepreneurs and enterprises.

The 30-year development achievements are crystallized by intelligent, creative, professional, dedicated, and experienced journalists. This is both the foundation and motivation that sets new requirements for the staff, reporters, and editors of Business Forum Magazine to make more efforts for better quality performance worthy of the trust of readers in general and the business community in particular.

VCCI President Pham Tan Cong presides over the 2022 Business Forum and the Award Ceremony of the writing contest that features entrepreneurs, businesses and the business environment

A powerful advocate for the business sector

Dr. Vu Tien Loc, former VCCI President, commended Business Forum Magazine for being one of the first publications to host economic forums and for pioneering the promotion of startups. The magazine has also been instrumental in fostering entrepreneurship among young people and students - an important generation in the future startup force.

Journalists and staff members of Business Forum Magazine take a group photo at the conference appointing Mr. Nguyen Linh Anh as Deputy Editor-in-Chief in charge of Business Forum Magazine, February 2023

Today, Business Forum Magazine has become a major press agency in the Vietnamese press industry. The magazine has properly demonstrated its role as a press agency, a mouthpiece of VCCI, and a voice of the business community and entrepreneurs. It always acts for the providence of enterprises and has become an indispensable newspaper for the business community and entrepreneurs.

In 2017:  VCCI President Vu Tien Loc awarded the winners of the Startup Festival

VCCI President Pham Tan Cong highly appreciated the positive contributions of Business Forum Magazine as VCCI's mouthpiece through 30 years of operation. He expected that the magazine would become a stronger voice of the national business community, promote the development of the business community and entrepreneurs, and further spread VCCI's mission of fostering and developing business culture and business ethics. He added that the power of Business Forum Magazine is the trust and affection of the business community and entrepreneurs. Hence, for sustainable development, leaders, officials, Party members, reporters, and editors must unite to build the magazine and strive to affirm its role as the most important and trustworthy information agency for entrepreneurs and enterprises in social life.

Business Forum Magazine’s staff members at an exchange program in 2006

According to Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung, Business Forum Magazine effectively implemented press planning. Four separate agencies or more accurately, four different “houses” gathered together to form a “common house” - Business Forum Magazine while still maintaining solidarity and development. The magazine always deserves to be the “spokesperson” of VCCI when it continuously proposes business support solutions after crises or for post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery. Conveying messages such as VCCI's recommendations to establish working groups relating to free trade agreements (FTAs) and logistics costs, recommendations to simplify customs control procedures, recommendations to simplify regulations on invoices and proofs or coordinating with the Ministry of Information and Communications to launch the “Make in Vietnam Digital Products” Award in 2021 are also worth mentioning.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung visits Business Forum Magazine on the occasion of Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day June 21, 2021

The award concretized Directive 01/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister dated January 14, 2020 on promoting the development of Vietnamese digital companies. Among its unique journalistic and social activities, Business Forum Magazine jointly organized the Forum on “Business and Journalism Cooperation in a Changing Environment” and the Launching Ceremony of the Program for Voting Journalistic Writings on Entrepreneurs, Enterprises and Business Environment. Opinions expressed at the forum highly appreciated press roles in orienting businesses in production and business activities.

Business Forum Magazine is at the forefront of fostering the development of startups

Business Forum Magazine, as the mouthpiece of VCCI, has always been a shining example of a press-business partnership. The magazine cultivates a symbiotic press-business relationship with fair and responsible articles to avoid hurting honest businesses and preventing irresponsible businesses from blatant law violations that undermine the economy and people's livelihoods in the course of building and developing a prosperous country.

Business Forum Magazine staff members pose for a group photo after a sports exchange

Business Forum Magazine reaffirms its commitment to accompanying enterprises and entrepreneurs with the following main pillars: information services, business development support services, business startup support and trade connection. The magazine helps inspire the Vietnamese business community toward sustainable development and high international competitiveness.

Mr. Ly Ngoc Minh

Chairman of Minh Long I Ceramics Company

I hope that Business Forum Magazine will continue to innovate, create, and strive to be a leading newspaper for the business community and a key media agency of VCCI. The magazine needs to closely follow the rapidly changing realities of the business community and competitive economy. It should uphold business culture, social responsibility, and sustainable development. The magazine should provide and disseminate the latest information and knowledge, especially predictive and directional information. It should also pay more attention to researching, summarizing, and spreading good experiences and typical examples in the business community.

Ms. Dang Thi Ngoc Bich

Chairperson of Khai Minh Joint Stock Company

Entrepreneurs and experts hope that Business Forum Magazine will organize more dialogue forums in the future. The magazine should facilitate entrepreneurs and enterprises to express their opinions on further reforming institutions, improving the investment and business environment, and popularizing the entrepreneurial spirit in society. As the mouthpiece of VCCI, the magazine takes the lead in providing information on integration, linking businesses, supporting companies in trade and investment promotion, and guiding them to reach international standards.

Mr. Huynh Tran Phi Long

Chairman of Song Than Industrial Park Development JSC, Chairman of Hyundai Binh Duong Co., Ltd, Chairman of Binh Duong Young Entrepreneurs Association

I hope that the relationship between businesses and Business Forum Magazine in particular and the national press in general will become increasingly tighter. Press-business exchanges should be enhanced to share information and spread positive things to promote entrepreneurial and business values in the process of international integration and development. Especially in current digital transformation trends, keeping up with new trends will help the press improve the effect of promoting and spreading information, building “a strong business community – a prosperous nation” that VCCI is striving for. Congratulations on this anniversary of Business Forum Magazine.

Mr. Le Viet Hai

Chairman of Hoa Binh Construction Group JSC

On the occasion of Business Forum Magazine's 30th anniversary, I would like to express my gratitude for the magazine's positive contributions to the implementation of political tasks, especially in policy advocacy for a better investment and business environment and more complete market economic institutions in Vietnam. Press publications such as Business Forum Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as their websites, have provided opinions and recommendations of businesses and experts on current business situations as well as current macro policy projects. Business Forum Magazine is an instrument to convey VCCI's messages and orientations to the business community ¹.

On behalf of the entrepreneur community, I hope that Business Forum Magazine will continue to develop and successfully complete its missions.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum