Joint Effort for New Countryside Development

4:44:48 PM | 11/2/2023

The collective effort and consent of the people in Tan Huong commune (Tan Ky district, Nghe An province) has helped build momentous projects to create a new space for local development.

Building new rural areas in highland border communes

The Party and government of Tan Huong commune recognize that new rural development is a regular, long-term task. The most important issue is to improve the living standards of local people. Therefore, they regard the people as the center and subject of new rural construction, and all guidelines and policies must truly stem from the real aspirations, legitimate rights and interests of the people. The commune has focused on building models and examples of grassroots democratic regulations.

After 10 years of carrying out new rural development, Tan Huong has mobilized a total of VND117 billion from various sources, including VND15 billion from the people, accounting for 12.3%, and the remaining amount from the State budget. With that fund, Tan Huong has completed 19 new rural development criteria.

Nguyen Van Lan, a man in Tan Son hamlet, said: “Being informed of concrete road construction, my neighbors and I strongly agreed with the State support of cement for 2.5km road construction. Each resident contributed VND750,000, totaling VND571 million. With the land donated by our residents, the road has been completed, allowing easy and smooth traveling. We are very happy.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tu Anh, Secretary of the Tan Huong Party Committee, stated that since the Party Committee reached a consensus and registered with the Tan Ky District Party Committee and People’s Committee to complete new rural development standards in Tan Huong commune in 2022, the Party Committee decided to reinforce the steering board for new countryside construction in Tan Huong commune. The board was led by the Secretary of the Party Committee, and met to discuss and advise the Party Committee on a thematic resolution on new countryside construction in 2022. The board personnel were assigned to take over specific areas to apply this resolution.

By promoting regulations on grassroots democracy and adhering to a people-centered approach, Tan Huong commune has reinforced solidarity and consensus in the political system. This has gathered all people to join forces to reach 19 new rural development criteria. This is a good sign to promote socioeconomic development, improve people’s lives, and elevate its new rural development standards to a new level.

By Bao Dan, Vietnam Business Forum