Effective Strategies for Model New Rural Area Development

2:02:43 PM | 11/15/2023

Since the inception of the New Rural Program in 2010, Thai Binh province has emerged as a beacon of rural development in the country. The landscape of rural development in the province has witnessed numerous positive transformations, significantly enhancing the quality of life in rural areas. Nevertheless, the tangible realization of advanced and model new rural areas continues to face several challenges, primarily concerning investment resources.

The rural development landscape in the province undergoes positive transformations, greatly enhancing the quality of life in rural areas

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thai Binh province, as of now, the province boasts a remarkable achievement with 100% of its communes and districts recognized for meeting the new rural standards. In addition, 25 communes have attained the status of advanced new rural areas, while five communes have been appraised by the provincial evaluation delegation as advanced rural communes. Thai Binh city has successfully fulfilled its new rural development objectives, and the province has unveiled 113 One Commune One Product (OCOP) items, comprising 48 with a 4-star rating and 65 with a 3-star rating.

The task of nurturing new rural areas in Thai Binh in the foreseeable future is anticipated to be laden with difficulties, demanding unwavering commitment and substantial resources. Thai Binh aspires to have 50.2% of its communes meet the advanced new rural standards by 2025, equivalent to 120 communes. Additionally, the province aims to have 4.6% of its communes achieve model new rural standards, translating to 12 communes, along with one district that attains advanced new rural standards. This goal, however, presents a formidable challenge, as the central funding allocated to Thai Binh for implementing its new rural area program from 2021 to 2025 is VND620.6 billion, significantly less than the 2016-2020 period (VND1,400 billion).

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development reports that in 2023, 27 communes across seven districts have registered their intentions to meet the advanced new rural standards. Notably, An Thai commune in Quynh Phu district was officially certified on June 16, 2023, by the provincial departments and branches for fulfilling all 19 criteria in line with the standards for new rural communes and advanced new rural communes for the period of 2021-2025.

Vu Lang commune in Tien Hai district requires nearly VND35 billion to complete the construction of advanced new rural areas. The community has embraced social resources to fund essential infrastructure projects like schools, roads, recreational areas, and village cultural centers. By effectively mobilizing support through outreach and advocacy efforts, Vu Lang secured funding for various projects, including a communal health station, a welcome gate, a new martyrs cemetery, and an upgraded drainage system.

Mr. Tran Van Tru, Chairman of the Vu Lang Commune People's Committee, states that the commune has essentially fulfilled all 19 criteria to achieve advanced rural development standards, with expectations of reaching this milestone later in the year. Currently, the commune actively collaborates with various departments and branches to expedite the implementation of its rural development program.

Constructing eco-friendly, sanitary and aesthetic village pathways and lanes is a consistent task

Mr. Pham Van Vang, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Tien Hai district, reveals that Vu Lang is one of three communes for which the district has submitted documents to the province for the evaluation and approval of advanced new rural areas in August 2023. This year, Tien Hai district has seen five communes register their pursuit of advanced new rural standards, including An Ninh, Dong Hoang, Nam Thanh, Phuong Cong, and Nam Hai. These communes have achieved impressive results, meeting 13-15 out of 19 criteria. To reach the goal of advancing new rural areas, the district has directed relevant bodies and localities to collaborate in expediting land use rights documentation to secure resources for rural development projects. Across the district, extensive advocacy and outreach campaigns have been carried out to foster consensus and rally support from individuals, organizations, and businesses for new rural development initiatives.

Nonetheless, the province's efforts to construct advanced and model new rural areas in the 2021-2025 period still face obstacles, with 25 communes previously recognized as advanced new rural areas yet to receive financial support from the state budget. Therefore, there is a need to issue resolutions that encourage and motivate districts and communes to embark on advanced new rural area projects.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the People's Council of Thai Binh province, underscores Thai Binh's commitment to effective and sustainable new rural development. He highlights the province's approval of 16 resolutions and the issuance of key documents, such as Plan 33/KH-UBND, dated March 13, 2023, which focuses on implementing the Rural Tourism Development Program within the new rural construction framework until 2025, and Plan 44/KH-UBND, dated March 27, 2023, which centers on executing the digital transformation program in new rural construction until 2025. Over the course of more than a decade (2010-2022), Thai Binh has successfully mobilized over VND25.1 trillion to support new rural areas, positioning itself as a national pioneer and a model for the Central Government to implement on a broader scale.

In the future, Thai Binh will actively promote Resolution 01-NQ/TU, dated October 4, 2021, issued by the Executive Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, along with Plan 16/KH-UBND, dated February 11, 2022, from the Provincial People's Committee, aimed at advancing new rural construction, with a particular focus on advancing rural areas and modeling rural regions for the 2021-2025 period, extending to 2030.

Mr. Vu Cong Binh, Director of the Rural Development Bureau, affirms that the bureau, in collaboration with districts and municipalities, will lead the efforts to sustain and enhance the quality of criteria within communes that meet new rural standards. The bureau will also assess and evaluate the results of advanced rural commune construction in localities, actively promote the establishment of advanced new rural communes and model new rural communes across the province, and provide close guidance to communes striving to meet the standards of new advanced rural areas. The goal is to have at least 10 communes meet the standards of advanced new rural areas by the end of 2023.

By Bao Dan, Vietnam Business Forum