VIMEXPO 2023 with the mission “Connect to develop“

2:10:30 PM | 11/8/2023

VIMEXPO is the first international exhibition supporting industry and manufacturing in Vietnam, which belongs to the program of supporting industrial development approved by the Prime Minister and is held under the sponsorship and guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. VIMEXPO is targeted to introduce supporting industries and achievements to domestic and foreign partners. The exhibition will be the starting point for Vietnamese manufacturers to strengthen joint ventures, networking, cooperation and sustainable development to effectively participate in the global supply chain.

VIMEXPO is the most typical professional exhibition supporting industry and manufacturing in Vietnam. VIMEXPO's mission is to "connect development" between product suppliers and potential buyers in the manufacturing and supporting industries, as well as domestic and foreign investors, and has been dedicated to helping businesses recover and grow against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic that still poses a It poses a threat to Vietnam and the global economy. It provides an effective networking program between suppliers and potential manufacturers, and an opportunity for dialogue between businesses and state agencies on policies to support the development of the ancillary industry.

Various types of machine tools, general machinery, rubber machinery, plastic processing machinery, food processing machinery, printing, packaging machinery, textile machinery, garment processing machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, construction machinery, forestry machinery, woodworking machinery, agriculture and animal husbandry machinery, light industry machinery, precision machinery, electrical machinery, raw material processing equipment, casting machinery and accessories, etc.

Various industrial lighting, industrial wires and cables, various industrial switches, hardware tools, paper and rubber products, stamping machinery, diesel generators, small and medium-sized diesel generators, grain processing machinery, various small and medium-sized agricultural machinery and accessories, etc.

Refrigeration machinery, blow molding machines, automobile and motorcycle parts and accessories, welding and cutting equipment and accessories, welding rods, metal processing machinery, chains, locks, waling board machines, jacks, all kinds of spare parts, complete sets of equipment, gear boxes, reducers, pumps, pump units, motorcycles and accessories, bearings, valves, molds, forging, castings, surface treatment equipment, hand tools and electric and pneumatic tools, all kinds of metal wire etc.

Electrodes and carbon products; metal processing equipment, tools, technology, etc.; testing and control systems; casting production processes and technologies; refractory materials and metallurgical furnace materials; steel service centers and warehousing, etc.


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Source: Vietnam Business Forum