Connecting ASEAN Single Window Facilitating Trade, Improving Administration

9:44:25 AM | 11/6/2023

Implementing and connecting the ASEAN Single Window (ASW) is a key solution to enhance regional and global trade facilitation, improve the efficiency of customs administration, and ensure community security and safety, according to Mr. Pham Duyen Phuong, Deputy Director of the Information Technology and Customs Statistics Department under the General Department of Customs (GDC). The ASW connection helps reduce customs clearance time and cost for the business community.

The General Department of Vietnam Customs strengthens its collaboration with relevant agencies to expand single-window connectivity with ASEAN and non-ASEAN countries, aiming to facilitate trade and reduce costs for businesses

In the coming time, GDC will collaborate with relevant agencies to extend single-window connectivity with ASEAN and non-ASEAN countries. Regarding the ASW implementation, GDC reported that Vietnam has officially connected to the ASW to exchange electronic certificates of origin, form D with all nine other member countries. Vietnam also coordinates with the ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN countries to officially exchange ASEAN customs declarations as planned.

Vietnam has also prepared related requirements to connect and test the exchange of plant quarantine certificates in 2023 and discussed solutions and roadmaps for connecting and exchanging electronic documents between ASEAN and its partners such as Japan, China and South Korea.

Regarding connection with partners outside ASEAN, Vietnam has completed the first phase of the pilot exchange of export customs declarations with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and proceeded to coordinate in the second phase. GDC has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the Electronic Origin Data Exchange System (EODES) with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Korea Customs Service to facilitate the implementation of the free trade agreement.

The relevant parties are currently addressing technical matters to facilitate the exchange of electronic Certificate of Origin (C/O) information with South Korea. The General Department of Vietnam Customs collaborates closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the New Zealand Embassy in Vietnam to implement a pilot program for exchanging electronic quarantine certificates with New Zealand.

From its inception until August 15, 2023, the National Single Window (NSW) successfully connected 250 administrative procedures from 13 ministries and agencies. This platform has efficiently processed nearly 6.67 million records submitted by over 64,700 companies.

By Huong hau, Vietnam Business Forum