WRV23 Confex - Vietnam's Premier Int’l Expo on Waste Management, Recycling, and Sustainability Sectors

12:47:01 PM | 11/14/2023

The contemporary challenges posed by environmental pollution have exerted discernible adverse impacts on both social and economic progress. Notwithstanding Vietnam's remarkable position as the world's fastest-growing economy in the past decade, the nation confronts pervasive environmental concerns encompassing air pollution, waste management, and water treatment.

To gain a better understanding, RX Tradex Vietnam coordinated with The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH to organize an event on waste treatment recycling and sustainability sectors from November 22 to 24 at WTC Expo, Binh Duong New City with the support of government agencies, ministry departments, international organizations and associations. In which, BECAMEX and World Trade Center are local supporter throughout 3 days.

The environmental industry in Vietnam is a subsector that is constantly expanding because of pollution and the demand for industrial equipment for collection, transportation, wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment, and water supply. Thus, the event serves as a platform for cutting-edge developments in Vietnam, encompassing roundtable discussions on trending topics featuring from government departments, non-profit organizations, international specialists and divisions specializing in recycling, waste management, and environmental preservation.

The sessions are about roles of public-private coordination in promoting EPR and sustainable waste management practices in Vietnam, Roadmap to best practice resource for reaching PPP investments in waste collection, treatment and recycling in Vietnam; cutting-edge technologies leading to circular economy; science, technology and training applications.

In addition to the thematic seminar, there will be a display area to introduce products, technological equipment, and solutions from leading businesses to promote responsible corporate social responsibility while simultaneously assisting in the reduction of environmental pollution. At WRV-Confex 2023, SICK demonstrated several cutting-edge innovations at this WRV event, including the dust delivery measurement device—which, by using the theory of light dispersion, is regarded as the best dust measuring device available today. Viet An Group, which is a pioneer in data centres, IoT, and IA for intelligent manufacturing processes. Specifically, Dai Dong Tien Phat, one of Vietnam's biggest distributors and producers of environmental equipment, with an ISO quality management accreditation and numerous significant projects. The presence of leading units makes it easier for businesses to acquire knowledge, which helps to promote sustainable manufacturing processes. Climate Fresk Workshop, a game about climate change, will also assist individuals in taking proactive steps to lessen environmental pollution by helping them comprehend the causes and consequences.

WRV23 Confex aims at enlightening businesses on new policies and how to implement them. It also encourages manufacturers to adopt circular economy by using appropriate treatment solutions during manufacturing.

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