Fostering Active Participation of Farmers in Economic Development

9:31:52 AM | 12/2/2023

New rural development stands as a pivotal policy of both the Party and the State, involving the concerted efforts of the entire political system, with farmers positioned at the core. In Phu Tho province, farmers' associations across all levels have undertaken specific initiatives to effectively implement the new rural development program, playing a central role in enhancing the landscape of agriculture and rural areas.

Phu Tho province supports farmers in adopting modern practices, contributing to sustainable rural development

The proven role of farmers

Over recent years, collaborative efforts through production and business emulation campaigns have facilitated joint prosperity and sustainable poverty reduction among farmers in Phu Tho province. The province has witnessed the establishment of numerous farm economic models, concentrated production areas, and safe production zones.

Illustrative examples include the garden-pond-animal model embraced by Bui Duc Luan, a farmer in Son Vi commune, Lam Thao district, resulting in a net profit ranging from VND800 million to VND1.2 billion annually. Notably, Luan's model has been recognized, earning him the title of "National Outstanding Farmer 2023" from the Central Vietnam Farmers' Union.

Similarly, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh's export chopstick production facility in Minh Luong commune, Doan Hung district, has generated a yearly profit of VND1.97 billion, employing 100 workers. These initiatives not only create economic value but also contribute to job creation and poverty alleviation. Mr. Nguyen Khac Hieu, the owner of a tunnel-fired brick business in Luong Lo commune, Thanh Ba district, has innovated his production process with new technology and scientific breakthroughs. His business model delivers high-quality bricks with low energy consumption and environmental impact. With an annual profit of VND4.5 billion and 40-50 employees, his business is a leader in the brick industry.

Many farmers in Phu Tho province are actively embracing high-tech and information technology in crop cultivation and animal husbandry. They are utilizing digital platforms for promotion, consumption, and the introduction of agricultural products both within and outside the province. Additionally, these forward-thinking farmers are investing significantly in expanding new business lines, contributing to economic restructuring and improving their income and livelihoods.

Farmers’ associations at all levels in Phu Tho province have actively contributed to the new rural development program by mobilizing resources and supporting the construction of social and economic infrastructure in rural areas. Financial contributions, amounting to over VND221,432 million, and the donation of land underscored the commitment of officials and member farmers. Notably, these contributions have been instrumental in building rural roads, renovating houses, constructing livestock barns, and enhancing the overall rural environment.

Facilitating farmers in rural development

Chief of Phu Tho Coordination Office for New Rural Development, Nguyen Minh Tuan, emphasized the extensive and continuous nature of new rural development, positioning it as a long-term process. Phu Tho province has actively promoted exemplary models, scientific and technological advances, and successful production models. Training and education initiatives are also implemented to equip farmers with the knowledge required for successful production and services. The province fosters a culture of excellence and innovation among farmers by providing them with guidance, support, and incentives to improve their business, social, and cultural activities. It also promotes ethnic diversity, environmental protection and public safety.

The Coordination Office and the Phu Tho Farmers’ Association have collaborated to evaluate and reward the best practices in rural development and digital transformation. Despite the challenges, the farmers’ associations have successfully implemented the new rural development program, engaging farmers to invest in their communities and create sustainable wealth. The province also encourages farmers to adopt modern and efficient agricultural methods.

Nguyen Thuy Trong, Chairman of the Phu Tho Farmers' Association, emphasized the association's commitment to the New Rural Development Program as one of its political tasks. The association has actively engaged its members, mobilizing them to contribute effort, funds, and land to rural infrastructure development. To ensure farmers are genuine contributors to new rural construction, Phu Tho province has promoted the role of the association in mobilizing diverse segments of society, fostering effective models of interest groups, cooperative groups, and collaborations between farmers, businesses, and other economic partners. Phu Tho province has demonstrated a proactive approach in engaging farmers as true actors in new rural construction. The province not only recognizes exemplary farmers and successful production models but actively supports and guides farmers in adopting modern practices, embracing technology, and contributing to the broader goal of sustainable and prosperous rural development.

By Ngoc Minh, Vietnam Business Forum