Btwaseco: Improving Competitive Edge for Sustainable Development

1:59:31 PM | 1/26/2024

Inaugurated over four decades ago, the Binh Thuan Water Supply and Sewerage Company (BTWaseco), originally known as Thuan Hai Drilling and Water Supply Enterprise, has undergone a transformative journey to become an outstanding entity with a workforce exceeding 300 professionals and a suite of state-of-the-art, integrated, and efficient facilities to ensure the reliable provision of clean water essential for the daily needs and economic activities of the region, thereby playing an important role in propelling the urbanization trajectory of Binh Thuan province.

Inauguration of three clean drinking water taps in La Gi town and Phan Thiet city

Solidifying stature as a premier water supplier

BTWaseco has dedicated the last four decades to the investment and advancement of water supply infrastructure, modernization of water treatment facilities, and enhancement of machinery and equipment. This commitment has culminated in the affiliated factories’ capacity surpassing 100,000 m³ per day and night, thereby fulfilling the clean water requirements for residential, industrial, and commercial sectors within the province’s urban localities.

BTWaseco has not only expanded its water supply network to serve the populace and enterprises but has also elevated the caliber of its offerings. This includes the planning for secure water provision and the implementation of initiatives to safeguard water quality, all aimed at bolstering public health. Concurrently, the enterprise has been at the forefront of operational innovation, establishing efficient production models that economize on raw materials and rolling out novel products and services that adeptly cater to the burgeoning demands of its clientele. These endeavors have propelled BTWaseco’s operational and financial growth, with the fiscal year 2022 witnessing a revenue of VND272,796 billion, which is 107% of the projected target. The company’s contribution to the state coffers amounted to over VND11.64 billion, surpassing the target by 158%; water production achieved 101%, and the clean water loss was curtailed to approximately 12.68%.

The operation center of BTWaseco

As a leading entity in clean water production and commerce within Binh Thuan province, BTWaseco has consistently fostered digital transformation, progressively automated its production and business processes, and refined operational and customer service management. This shift has enhanced the quality of water supply services, guaranteed a safe, uninterrupted water supply, and fostered sustainable development. A testament to this progress is the completion of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) center, which oversees all production operations and network monitoring, thereby ensuring water quality, cost-efficiency, service improvement, and reduction in water loss.

In the realm of business administration, BTWaseco has transitioned from traditional paper-based invoicing to electronic billing and has integrated information technology into its water meter reading practices. These measures have significantly contributed to the mitigation of revenue and water loss. Moreover, the company has collaborated with financial institutions and other entities to facilitate online water bill payments, eliminating the need for cash transactions. Customer service has also been enhanced through the establishment of a 24/7 call center, which has proven effective in addressing customer inquiries and resolving issues pertaining to water supply services, thereby progressively elevating customer satisfaction and catering to their evolving requirements.

Continuously improving water supply capacity

BTWaseco’s leadership underscored the role of fostering a robust corporate culture and executing corporate social responsibility initiatives. These elements are pivotal in steering the company toward sustainable growth. BTWaseco is invigorated by these principles to consistently engage in and spearhead endeavors that cultivate an eco-friendly, pristine, and secure habitat, thereby heightening community consciousness about environmental stewardship. It is also steadfast in nurturing a sense of social accountability by partaking in altruistic ventures, such as aiding Vietnamese Mothers and revolution veterans, erecting houses of appreciation, assisting impoverished patients, disabled youths, and orphans, and bestowing gifts upon underprivileged households during the Lunar New Year.

Locals express their excitement as they taste the clean water from the newly installed tap

Reflecting on its over four-decade journey of evolution and progress, BTWaseco has realized substantial advancements, from infrastructural investments to managerial acumen, water supply integrity, and customer service excellence. These strides have significantly bolstered operational efficacy, improved state revenue contributions, and aligned with the objectives of sustainable development and global integration.

Gazing into the horizon, BTWaseco prioritizes the mobilization of investment capital to fortify the water supply infrastructure, refurbish extant facilities, and inaugurate new plants, thereby ensuring the province’s socio-economic vitality. The company has proffered proposals to relevant authorities for incorporation into the provincial blueprint to 2030 and vision to 2050. Concurrently, BTWaseco will elevate customer service standards and leverage scientific and technological advancements in management and production processes to guarantee a reliable water supply for residential and industrial needs. “This robust foundation positions BTWaseco to optimize profitability, enhance working conditions, stabilize employee livelihoods, safeguard shareholder interests, and fulfill state obligations,” BTWaseco Board of Directors affirmed.

By Duy Anh, Vietnam Business Forum