Foreign Tourists Enjoy Visiting the Hanoi Peach Blossom Kumquat Festival

1:25:09 PM | 1/28/2024

In 2024, for the first time, Hanoi organizes the Festival of peach blossoms, ornamental kumquats and OCOP products of the Xuan Giap Thin regions. The festival is organized by Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with Tay Ho District People's Committee.

At the Festival of peach blossoms, kumquats and OCOP products in the Xuan Giap Thin 2024 regions, the organizers recreated the Tet Xua space with many interesting and unique features. The people of the Capital and a large number of domestic and foreign tourists seemed very interested.

Representatives of many international organizations attended and experienced Vietnamese Tet at the Peach Blossom, Kumquat and OCOP product festivals in 2024 and highly appreciated the meaning and practical effectiveness of the event.

Many international tourists seem interested in enjoying tea in the traditional Tet Xua cultural space of Hanoians.

"Festival of peach blossoms, kumquats and OCOP products in Giap Thin 2024 regions" takes place from January 26, 2024 - February 1, 2024 at Tay Ho Creative Cultural Space, which is one of the venues. An important highlight to connect the chain of cultural activities with Spring Flower Festivals throughout the City, it has truly become an attractive destination not to be missed on this occasion for the Capital's people, as well as a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. and abroad.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum