Agricultural Product Exports Reached More than 1 Billion US Dollars

10:36:35 AM | 2/14/2024

Although Hanoi does not have large output and high value products like some provinces and cities, by 2023 Hanoi will still export agricultural products reaching more than 1 billion USD.

In 2023, the growth rate of agriculture, forestry and fisheries increases by 2.74% over the same period (target assigned by the City is 2.5 - 3.0%). Agricultural, forestry and fishery production value: at actual prices reaches 59,074 billion VND, up 2.71% compared to 2022, exports reach more than 1 billion US dollars. Of which, agricultural production value reached 53,559 billion VND, an increase of 2.67%. Seafood production value reached 5,358 billion VND, an increase of 3.31%. Forestry production value reached 157 billion VND.

It can be seen that the main groups of the industry all have an increase in production value. Thereby, contributing positively to general development, affirming its role as a solid support of the economy and ensuring social security in rural areas of the Capital.

Speaking at the conference summarizing information and propaganda work in 2023 and implementing tasks in 2024, Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Ta Van Tuong said that in 2023 the unit has coordinated with many information agencies. tons, newspapers such as: Vietnam Television, Voice of Vietnam, Hanoi Radio and Television, Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper, Economic & Urban Newspaper, New Hanoi Newspaper... implementing 248 programs, 223 reports, special topics, newsletters, 94 specialized pages, topics, 895 articles promoting agriculture and building new rural areas in Hanoi.

Guava in Dan Phuong, Hanoi

The information and propaganda work of Program 04-CTr/TU of the City Party Committee has actively contributed to creating strong changes, especially in rural areas; From there, we took practical actions to join hands in building new rural areas in the locality, voluntarily participating and actively contributing to implementing the Program... Timely propagating new technical advances, new models new models, disseminating experiences and good practices in developing agricultural production (including cultivation, animal husbandry and aquaculture).

At the same time, it contributes to orienting production and raising people's awareness in the production and consumption of agricultural products to ensure safety; Timely information about consumer markets and new scientific and technical advances. Contributing to the successful implementation of assigned political tasks, maintaining security and food safety in Hanoi city.

Through propaganda work, authorities at all levels and people in the city have raised awareness about land use efficiency, application of science and technology, and reduction of the use of chemical fertilizers and chemicals in agriculture. agricultural production. Changing some old production and consumption habits, protecting the environment, promoting and connecting the consumption of agricultural products in Hanoi city, towards sustainable agricultural production...

Hanoi pomelo has large potential for export 

However, although propaganda work has been improved, it needs to be more diverse in form. The number of propaganda news articles on websites and through social networks is still small. Some units have not been proactive in providing information and data to post on the Department's website; The number of news and articles is still small.

The professional qualifications and skills of propaganda staff have gradually been improved, but the full strength of propaganda work in the field of agricultural development and new rural construction has not been fully exploited. Officials carrying out propaganda work mainly work part-time outside of their professional duties, leading to the propaganda effectiveness not being optimally effective.

2024 - the fourth year of implementing the 5-year socio-economic development plan 2021 - 2025, continuing to promote agricultural restructuring, restoring the industry's growth rate through improving production efficiency and increasing prices management and market expansion.

Therefore, the direction and tasks of information and propaganda work in 2024 need to continue to coordinate closely with the central news agencies and Hanoi to promptly inform the policies and guidelines of the Party and government. State laws reach farmers and people of all classes in the Capital; especially guidelines and policies in encouraging the development of agricultural production, building new rural areas and measures to prevent and control diseases for crops, livestock - aquaculture and food safety and hygiene in city area.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum