Acecook Vietnam: Promoting Vietnamese and Japanese Cultures through 3H Core Values

9:44:48 AM | 3/5/2024

With an unwavering commitment spanning three decades (1993 - 2024) in Vietnam, Acecook Vietnam has solidified its position as a premier instant noodle manufacturer. Beyond mere market dominance, the company’s success is deeply entrenched in a profound spiritual ethos encapsulated by its 3H core values: Happy Consumer, Happy Employees, and Happy Society.

Acecook’s state-of-the-art machinery

Acecook Vietnam stands as a collective home for over 6,000 employees, distributed across six branches and eleven factories throughout the country. These state-of-the-art factories, backed by substantial investment funds in the tens of millions of USD, boast modern imported machinery and automated production lines. Remarkably efficient, each production line churns out an average of 600 packages of noodles per minute. Annually, Acecook Vietnam supplies 3 billion instant products to the market. Among these, the Hao Hao instant noodles have earned the moniker of “national food” and enjoy widespread popularity across Vietnam. In the context of globalization, Acecook Vietnam has positioned itself as a leading food manufacturer within the country. The company’s unwavering commitment lies in delivering high-quality, safe, and reliable products to its customers. Beyond Vietnam’s borders, Acecook exports its offerings to more than 30 countries and territories. To achieve its proud legacy and future milestones, Acecook Vietnam remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence. The company’s core values are deeply rooted in the fusion of Vietnamese and Japanese cultures. This harmonious blend permeates every aspect of Acecook’s operations, from market research and production investments to brand development, corporate governance, and human resource management.

Each of its production line can churn out an average of 600 packages of noodles per minute

Acecook Vietnam upholds its 3H core values. Accordingly, for happy consumers, the company always gives top priority to investing in technology, modernizing machinery and equipment systems, researching and diversifying products and upgrading their quality in an effort to supply consumers with quality, safe, secure and reasonably priced products. Up to now, many products of Acecook Vietnam have been well known and loved in the market like Pho De Nhat noodle, Siukay noodles and Modern noodles. Particularly, Hao Hao is the best-selling instant noodle in Vietnam for many years and confirmed by Vietkings as “The first Vietnamese instant noodle brand to sell 30 billion packages in 21 years (2000 - 2021)”, equivalent to an average of more than 1.4 billion packages a year.

For happy employees, Acecook Vietnam emphasizes welfare, salary and reward policies and the best working environment for employees. Besides, to make Acecook Vietnam a "Happy Workplace", loved and attached by employees, the company's leadership continuously introduces policies to attract and retain talents and spends a large amount of money investing in domestic and foreign training for potential employees as well as organizing periodic professional classes and cultural exchange programs among other activities. Acecook Vietnam consistently arranges office and factory tours for employees’ families, providing them with firsthand exposure to the working environment and an understanding of the products crafted by their loved ones. By doing so, family members gain a sense of security and can freely share their insights on various matters. The company places great emphasis on recognizing and objectively evaluating each employee’s contributions. Simultaneously, effective communication strategies ensure that everyone comprehends their role in the collective mission: Contributing to society through culinary excellence. Acecook Vietnam’s unwavering dedication has earned it a place among the Top 10 outstanding companies with happiest employees for several consecutive years. Additionally, the company takes pride in being part of the Top 100 best workplaces in Vietnam.

Also based on the 3H core values, Acecook Vietnam always aims to make contributions to the community and society with practical and meaningful activities like Joining the Children's Protection Fund to help improve nutrition for children in highland and disadvantaged areas; communicating and raising public awareness in preventing natural disasters and participating in secure traffic, sponsoring scholarships for poor students with good educational achievements; launching campaigns to reduce plastic waste by recycling plastic cups; joining hands to contain the COVID-19 pandemic; helping children in special and difficult circumstances like increasing food rations and winter clothes for children in remote and disadvantaged areas, donating school supplies and granting scholarships to poor but studious children.

The company prioritizes technological investment, machinery modernization, product diversification, and quality enhancement to provide consumers with safe, secure, and affordable products

With all the above efforts, Acecook Vietnam aims to help build and create a Vietnamese society that is increasingly happier, more sustainable and better. This is also the way Acecook Vietnam is grateful for the valuable support of the Government, central agencies and localities in Vietnam as well as the trust and support of partners and customers for the company over the past 30 years.

By Thanh Tung, Vietnam Business Forum