Opportunities to Win Lucky Gold with HDBank Account Opening

9:30:14 AM | 4/3/2024

In the inaugural lucky draw of the “Opening an HDBank account - winning gold immediately” program, the first customer secured a prize: a tael of SJC 9999 gold. This program, running from January 22, 2024, to March 31, 2024, extends the opportunity to all new HDBank account holders to vie for substantial rewards, including a tael of SJC gold and numerous other valuable prizes.

The program comprises two distinct lucky draws. The initial phase took place at HDBank Headquarters on March 8, with a total of 113 winners, claiming both gold and cash prizes. The announcement of these fortunate recipients was made on HDBank’s official website.

During the first lucky draw, HDBank awarded the following prizes: Special Prize: 1 tael of gold; First Prizes: Two half-tael gold prizes; Second Prizes: Ten one-tenth tael gold prizes; Third Prizes: Twenty prizes worth VND1,999,999 each; Consolation Prizes: Eighty awards, each valued at VND 686,800.

Eligible participants for the lucky draw included those who opened accounts and registered for electronic banking services (eBanking), engaging in valid transactions of at least VND200,000 via the HDBank application between January 22 and February 29, 2024.

Securing gold in second lucky draw

During the program period, prospective customers need only to open an HDBank account and register for eBanking services. Upon their initial login to the HDBank application, they will receive a single spin on the lucky wheel, with rewards ranging from VND68,600 to VND3.9 million.

Subsequently, any valid payment transaction made on the HDBank application, starting from VND200,000, will generate a unique prize code for the lucky draw, offering a chance to win gold. Each valid transaction corresponds to a distinct code. There is no limit on the number of lucky prize codes, meaning that more transactions translate to increased opportunities for securing gold prizes.

The second lucky draw will mirror the rewards of the initial draw, with the anticipated date set for April 2024. Customers are encouraged to promptly open an HDBank account, explore the superior utilities, and seize the opportunity to claim lucky prizes.

Embracing cutting-edge eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) processes and leveraging modern technology, HDBank empowers customers to effortlessly open online payment accounts via the HDBank application. This streamlined approach enables swift, convenient and secure financial transactions from any location, eliminating the need to visit a physical bank branch.

Upon logging into the HDBank application for the first time, customers benefit from automatic identification of their personal information and validation of identity documents (such as valid identification cards or citizen identification cards). These online identification procedures are seamlessly integrated within HDBank’s mobile banking application.

The HDBank application allows customers to perform various transactions, including mobile top-up, financial bill payment, mobility service payment, flight ticket booking, train ticket booking, bus ticket booking, hotel booking, movie ticket booking, flower booking and taxi booking. Additionally, customers have the option to acquire an easy-to-remember account for a nominal fee (starting from VND200,000 per account).

Source: Vietnam Business Forum