AEON Vietnam Launches Super Supermarket Model in Ho Chi Minh City – AEON Nguyen Van Linh

5:51:05 PM | 4/2/2024

On April 2, 2024, AEON Vietnam officially opened AEON Nguyen Van Linh at Crescent Mall Shopping Center in District 7. This is the first launch of the Super Supermarket model by this retailer in Ho Chi Minh City, continuing the success in Hanoi (2022) and Binh Duong (2023) as part of AEON Group's strategy to diversify retail models in Vietnam.

By accelerating the opening of new business locations to increase “touchpoints” with customers, AEON Vietnam aims to offer diverse experiences to enrich local customers' lifestyles and contribute to Vietnam's sustainable development.

AEON Nguyen Van Linh – Super Supermarket model in Cresent Mall, District 7, HCMC

AEON Vietnam Accelerates Diversification of Retail Models in 2024

The year 2023 marked significant changes in consumer shopping behavior due to various factors affecting the Vietnamese economy and the retail sector, such as global inflation and declining exports. The rising prices due to increased raw material costs have led consumers to tighten their spending, focusing only on essential goods.

However, in the long term, AEON considers Vietnam as one of its 2nd key markets alongside Japan, in its strategy to boost investment with many advantages and favorable conditions for continued growth.

Despite challenges in 2023, AEON Vietnam has fully prepared in all aspects to serve as a springboard for the acceleration of opening new business locations in 2024.

Super Supermarket – one of AEON Vietnam’s diversified retail models

General retail is one of the three business pillars of AEON Group in Vietnam. To meet the trend of prioritizing convenience in choosing essential products for daily life and seeking new values in product purchases post-pandemic, besides opening large shopping malls, AEON Vietnam continues to advance its strategy of diversifying models and being flexible in size to meet the local community's needs and the actual conditions of each area.

Kicking off expansion plans for 2024 and following the success of the model's first launch in Hanoi (AEON The Nine) in 2022 and then at Binh Duong New City in 2023, AEON Nguyen Van Linh officially opened at Crescent Mall Shopping Center, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City on April 2, 2024.

Mr. Furusawa Yasuyuki – Member of the Executive Board of AEON Group, in charge of the Vietnam market cum General Director of AEON Vietnam shared: “In 2024, AEON Vietnam plans to open diverse shopping locations with different models and sizes. Not only within AEON shopping malls, we will also expand and develop in shopping centers of other partners. In terms of area, although varying, all AEON Vietnam retail locations fully meet customers' needs from food, household goods, mother and baby products, fashion, etc. Furthermore, not only AEON Vietnam, but all other member companies of AEON Group in Vietnam will also speed up the development of new business locations and improve the existing system this year.”

AEON Nguyen Van Linh - "Bring experience closer for the fulfilling life every day"

AEON Super Supermarket model, which aims to “bring the experience closer for the fulfilling life every day", meets the "close and convenient" needs of the majority of urban residents, offering quality products and shopping experiences “standard AEON”, enabling customers to fully enjoy daily life.

With a comfortable space and an area of up to 5,000m2, AEON Nguyen Van Linh is located on the B1 Floor of Crescent Mall, 101 Ton Dat Tien Street, Tan Phu, District 7, HCMC, featuring two main areas: a nearly 2,000m2 supermarket and a 1,200m2 food court (Delica).

To offer convenience and speed for customers at AEON Nguyen Van Linh, modern services like self-ordering kiosks, semi-self-checkout counters, fast delivery, and delivery within a desired one-hour timeframe when shopping via the AEON Eshop e-commerce are available.

Self-ordering Kiosk at AEON Nguyen Van Linh helps customers easily select dishes and quickly complete payment

Not only providing a wide range of quality AEON standard products and services, AEON Nguyen Van Linh also offers various amenities, thus delivering a premium shopping experience that serves the consumption trends of customers in the District 7 area. AEON Nguyen Van Linh is not only a shopping destination but also an ideal place for customers to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

A distinctive feature at AEON Vietnam's Super Supermarket is the Delica food court area with a capacity of 200 seats, offering a variety of delicious dishes for customers to freely choose according to their preferences. Famous dishes from various cultures, including sushi, sashimi, Vietnamese dishes, and Korean dishes (tobbokki, kimchi), are available. Additionally, there are ready-to-eat set/combo meals for family members and friends to buy and enjoy together.

For the first time at AEON's SSM, the Reward Kitchen model is introduced, where customers can try dishes before deciding to purchase

At AEON Nguyen Van Linh, AEON Vietnam introduces the Reward Kitchen model, bringing restaurant-quality culinary flavors where each dish is a gift, both delicious and healthy. Customers can taste the dishes before making a purchase decision.

The Bakery area specializes in serving a variety of delicious cakes and sweets in both Asian and European styles, catering to the diverse tastes of customers. AEON Nguyen Van Linh also offers fast delivery services through food delivery apps of partners to meet the needs of diners.

The supermarket area includes a diverse range of products for everyday life, meeting the large shopping needs of residents and young families in the District 7 area. Highlights include premium, fresh, and convenient products like dried food, fresh produce, frozen products, etc.

There are also counters showcasing OCOP products from various localities meeting AEON standards, ready-to-eat (RTE) foods, ready-to-cook (RTC) products, and pre-packaged frozen items, helping customers save time and convenience in their busy lives.

At AEON Nguyen Van Linh, customers can also purchase "AEON exclusive" products, which are items from AEON's private brands, ensuring Japanese quality standards, such as TOPVALU (food products, especially salmon, eggs, etc.), household goods from HÓME CÓORDY, and more.

Additionally, AEON Nguyen Van Linh promises to be the "ideal destination" with a complete range of essential products for families with children, especially those made from organic sources for mothers and babies, infant formula for children from 0 years old with many famous brands, baby food products for children from 4 months old like various kinds of cakes, porridge powder, juice, seaweed, shredded dried meat, pasta, spices, and various hygiene and health care products for newborns and young children.

AEON Vietnam - Accompanying for Sustainable Local Development

AEON Vietnam not only serves consumers with quality products and services, providing peace of mind and safety for daily life but also strives to make every purchase spent by customers at AEON Vietnam meaningful. Together with customers, we create shared values, promoting connections between individuals and society in three aspects: environment, society, and economy, creating a bright and happy future.

Previously, AEON Vietnam organized a Mass Recruitment Day in December 2023 for over 200 job positions, attracting thousands of applicants. The company also focuses on training staff at the training center and other supermarkets before the opening to ensure staff are well-adapted and skilled, ready to serve customers. This contributes to the goal of training high-quality retail human resources for Vietnam's retail sector. Not only contributing to elevating the lifestyle of local customers, new business locations of AEON Vietnam, including AEON Nguyen Van Linh, also aim to expand job opportunities and develop local human resources through training and enhancing employee skills.

Previously, AEON Vietnam organized a Mass Recruitment for AEON Nguyen Van Linh, attracting thousands of applicants for more than 200 job positions.

Moreover, with a variety of activities and initiatives to support and cooperate with customers for sustainable consumption, AEON Vietnam also aims to contribute to the environment, minimizing the impact of retail business activities on the environment. This includes the notable Plastic Free Community - a project to reduce single-use plastic waste by reducing the amount of plastic bags and single-use plastic products in this retailer's business system. At AEON Nguyen Van Linh, the initiative to reduce 1,000 VND when customers do not use plastic bags continues to be deployed, raising awareness and encouraging customers to consume sustainably. These activities also contribute to the national strategy for green growth for the period 2021-2030, where green consumption is an important topic addressed.

In the future, AEON Vietnam will continue to strengthen the diversification of retail models while constantly improving the shopping environment, products, and service quality to provide customers with the most complete shopping experience.

Specifically, for 2024, AEON will continue to deploy the development of new business locations as planned. It is expected that AEON Hue Shopping Mall will be in operation by the end of the year, and AEON Vietnam also plans to open about 2 General Merchandise Stores & Supermarkets this year.

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