The Top Italian Wine Roadshow 2024: Enhancing Vietnam and Italian Cultural and Commercial Relations

4:13:13 PM | 6/5/2024

Celebrating Italy's Republic Day, The Top Italian Wine Roadshow 2024 organised June 3 in Ho Chi Minh City showcased 200 exquisite wines from 47 Italian producers, offering not just refined culinary experiences but also opportunities to expand and consolidate trade and cultural relations between the two nations.

A change for Vietnam and Italian cultural and trade exchange

Sitari Alexandru, Managing Director of the Wine Vault LLC, a leading wine importer in Vietnam, highlighted the roadshow's benefits. It served as a platform to forge relationships with top Italian wine producers, providing deeper insights into products and fostering potential long-term partnerships. One of the partnerships formed at the festival has since become their primary supplier in the Vietnamese market, enhancing product quality and industry reputation.

Italian Consul General Enrico Padula emphasized the festival's pivotal role in enhancing cooperation between Italy and Vietnam. He noted its significance as a cultural bridge that drives economic and cultural development while honoring Italy's wine heritage and traditions in Vietnam. He also noted the increasing Vietnamese consumer interest in Italian wines, underscoring their market potential.

VIPs with winners of the Gambero Rosso Top Italian Restaurant Awards 2024

Luigi Salerno, CEO of Gambero Rosso, which presented awards to outstanding restaurants and chefs, underscored the awards' objective to celebrate excellence in global Italian cuisine. He highlighted the honored establishments' contributions to promoting and developing Italian cuisine in Vietnam, thus fostering cultural ties between the two nations.

In his address, Enrico Padula praised the Top Italian Wine Roadshow 2024 as a pivotal event in strengthening cooperative relations between Italy and Vietnam. He emphasized that the event provides a platform for both countries to deepen their understanding of Italian wine culture and history, thereby reinforcing economic and cultural bonds between them.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum