Picenza Riverside Son La: Leading the Creation of New Living Standards

11:33:40 AM | 6/6/2024

In recent years, Picenza Vietnam Group has shown its distinct impressions with high-end urban areas, creating an important boost for real estate market development and socioeconomic development in localities where the group has investment projects. With the mission of shaping a prosperous future in Son La, Picenza Vietnam Group is playing a significant part in the journey of elevating the local position by building a top-class residence called "Picenza Riverside Son La”.

Picenza Riverside is regarded by experts as the most standardized high-class urban area project in Son La City

Located in Chieng An Ward, Son La City, Picenza Riverside Son La has an ideal location in the new central core of the city. Covering 22.3 ha, the largest project of its kind in Son La City, Picenza Riverside Son La offers a wide range of products such as luxury villas, shophouses, townhouses, residential land plots and multi-functional utility areas. The project is close to arterial traffic routes such as Lo Van Gia, Le Hien Mai and Chu Van Thinh to form an overall multidirectional traffic connection to key administrative areas such as schools, hospitals and key administrative offices of Lang Son province and Lang Son City.

Picenza Riverside Son La is not simply an upmarket residence, but it is also aimed for loftier goals: Creating true homes where the whole family joins together to create nice dreams and shares the bitter and sweet moments of life. House and home are two concepts that seem similar but are completely different. The house can be built with bricks, stones, wood and other materials but the "home" must be built with the heart. Therefore, each apartment at Picenza Riverside is built with the whole heart and passionate belief to create an ideal living space to satisfy all members of all ages of elite families. Colorful kid zones, mysterious maze gardens, cool blue swimming pools, modern gym clubs, vibrant soccer fields, classy tennis courts, peaceful outdoor yoga spaces and other amenities all together form a symphony of joy and health. Along with synchronous and methodical planning, Picenza Riverside Son La is a perfect blend of modern architecture and natural beauty, creating a "place of humanity" where life is cherished, happiness is cultivated and spiritual values are treasured.

In Picenza Riverside Son La, residents not only experience a fulfilled life with family but also have the opportunity to meet and interact with others through sporting and fitness activities enabled by a diverse and modern internal utility system arranged reasonably throughout the project. Together, they will form a civilized and cohesive resident community. The combination of green parks, luxury hotels, bustling shopping centers and vibrant commercial streets promises to create one of the most livable places.

The area along the romantic Nam La Stream is an ideal place for developing the nighttime economy - a type of business still very new for Son La City. Outstanding events such as “Picenza welcomes Christmas and New Year 2024” Night Festival successfully brought residents there a festive atmosphere bursting with emotions. Picenza Riverside Son La is gradually laying the foundation for developing a bustling nighttime economy, aimed for “a city that never sleeps” - a model in major cities across the country, helping smart investors fully untap business potential.

The space of apartments is smartly and luxuriously designed to maximize air and natural light to provide dwellers with a fulfilled, happy life, and create a foundation for comprehensive physical and mental development of future generations. In particular, apartments with two frontages promise quick profitability by renting the space or doing various types of business such as cuisine and fashion trading. Besides, housing products with 3-4 floors at Picenza Riverside Son La all have wide frontages and housing areas from 60 - 270 square meters, suitable for all living conditions as well as flexible for many types of business.

Picenza Riverside is regarded by experts as the most standardized high-class urban area project in Son La City, quenching the “thirst” and satisfying the desire for a prosperous residence in the heart of the Northwest. Placing people at the heart of all architecture, Picenza Vietnam has been shaping a better life, ready to spread prosperity to more, forming a completely new lifestyle in the places where the group sets foot on.

“Picenza welcomes Christmas and New Year 2024” Night Festival 

Picenza Vietnam Group has more than 30 years of prestige in the real estate sector, combined with transparent legal records and long-term ownership.

Customers and investors can rest assured to reap benefits from houses/land plots in the project to enjoy life and do successful business. Documents approved by the Provincial People’s Committee, the Provincial People’s Council and the Department of Construction of Son La province clearly show the legal transparency of the Picenza Riverside Son La Project, specifically the approval of the construction investment project of Urban Area 1 in Chieng An Ward, Son La City according to Official Dispatch 1292/UBND-TH dated on April 20, 2018 of the Son La Provincial People’s Committee. On March 1, 2019, according to Decision 500/QD-UBND of the committee, Picenza Vietnam Group Joint Stock Company won the bid for Urban Area 1 Project. After receiving Decision 2055/QD-UBND dated September 17, 2020 from the Son La Provincial People’s Committee on changing the land use purpose and allocating the land to Picenza Vietnam Group to implement Urban Area 1 (phase 1) and Construction License 18/GPXD-SXD dated October 1, 2020 by the Department of Construction, the project was officially kicked off. On March 18, 2021, the project was granted batches of use rights certificates, which were readily transferred to customers when selling conditions were ready. Affirming absolute prestige and safety, Picenza Riverside always puts customers' peace of mind first with high legality, showing strong attraction and safe and effective investment potential.

To build a synchronous urban area with technical and social infrastructure according to the approved detailed planning for commercial housing development, real estate business and resettlement arrangements, once implemented, the project will help create more housing fund for Son La City as well as the architecture, landscape, and general environment of the city to effectively use land, technical infrastructure and social infrastructure of the region.

By Binh Minh, Vietnam Business Forum