Advancing Business-Press Collaboration

9:15:52 AM | 6/28/2024

In a concerted effort to strengthen and foster a strong cooperative relationship, promoting mutual development between the press and business sectors aligned with the Party's s orientation and advancing national development objectives, Central Commission of Communication and Education, Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam Journalists’ Association, and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) entered into a comprehensive cooperation agreement in July 2023.

Central Commission of Communication and Education, Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam Journalists’ Association, and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) enter into a cooperation agreement, July 2023

This agreement signifies a commitment from the Party and the State to actively support both businesses and journalists, serving as a cornerstone for the successful implementation of collaborative initiatives and the attainment of shared objectives.

Through the collaborative endeavors and collective contributions of these four agencies, the coordinated program aims to cultivate new opportunities and synergies between the business community and the media, fostering a path toward mutual prosperity and realizing the ambitious vision of transforming Vietnam into a developed, high-income, prosperous, and contented nation by 2045.

According to VCCI President Pham Tan Cong, on the journey to achieving this great goal, " To propel our nation toward prosperity and cultural refinement, it is imperative that we integrate not only strong economic growth but also uphold cultural and ethical values in every facet of our social and economic endeavors. In advancing our economy, enterprises and entrepreneurs must serve as the vanguard force driving innovation and sustainable development. Similarly, the press, as an important entity, holds a pivotal role in shaping public discourse and societal norms, thereby exerting significant influence. Achieving a prosperous and contented Vietnam requires the strong development of both these critical forces, underscored by effective cooperation and seamless coordination."

In the drive to foster the growth of entrepreneurs and enterprises, the Party and State advocate for the creation of an enabling business environment, he said. In content, the press-media environment is also a part of the national business environment, playing an important role and exerting significant influence on the development of entrepreneurs and businesses as well as on the entrepreneurship among the people. In practical terms, the relationship between the press and business sectors is symbiotic, characterized by mutual accompaniment and collective advancement.

The press serves as an important catalyst in cultivating a healthy business environment and acts as a vital conduit for communicating corporate brands and images to consumers. Beyond its role in propagating Party and State directives, the press also serves as a mirror of societal realities, actively supporting business growth, nurturing entrepreneurial initiatives, and fostering a culture of enterprise. An article has the power to propel business success and instill an entrepreneurial ethos across society. Conversely, it can also potentially undermine a brand or business. In this intricate relationship, businesses function not only as sources of information but also as partners, valuable resources, and significant customers for the press.

"The symbiotic relationship and effective collaboration between the press and business sectors are not only crucial for their individual advancement but also integral to achieving our national goals of development," he emphasized. "To sustain this partnership, fostering a culture of collaboration rooted in shared cultural values is essential."

VCCI President Cong expressed confidence that through concerted efforts and the active participation of all four agencies in the coordinated program, the Vietnamese business community, together with the press and media, will embark on a new era of mutual support and cooperation. This alignment will pave the way for mutual success and significant contributions toward realizing Vietnam's vision of becoming a developed, high-income, and prosperous nation by 2045, as stated by the 13th National Party Congress.

By Anh Mai, Vietnam Business Forum