AEON Ekiden 2024 Race Is Booked Out Within One Day, Bringing New Exciting Experiences

1:09:43 PM | 7/2/2024

Building on the success of the past two years, the AEON Ekiden combined with the Vietnam-Japan cultural festival, The AEON Ekiden “Relay Road, Together have fun" officially kicks off its 3rd season, promising to bring exciting experiences for families and running enthusiast groups. This year, AEON Ekiden continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development through unique highlights such as medals made from recycled plastic and eco-friendly hand fans. Moreover, the event is an anticipated journey of cultural exploration and creativity.

The AEON Ekiden 2024 race has officially returned and attracted the attention of nearly 3,000 participants. The journey spans across 3 notable locations, starting at AEON Long Bien, Hanoi (June 30), continuing at AEON Binh Duong Canary (July 28), and concluding at AEON Tan Phu Celadon, Ho Chi Minh City (August 25).

The radiant smiles of the top performing teams during the Ekiden 2024 journey

AEON Vietnam not only serves consumers with quality products and services, bringing peace of mind and safety to daily life, but also strives to make every payment transaction when customers shop at AEON Vietnam " Meaningful by every coin" through the "Sustainable Development Strategy". In doing so, AEON Vietnam aims to collaborate with the customers in creating a sustainable future through three aspects: environmental, social, and economic.

As part of the Social Sustainability pillar, through the AEON Ekiden race, AEON Vietnam aims to promote a happy lifestyle and build a diverse and inclusive community. Collaborating with local communities wherever AEON Vietnam is present, the company tirelessly organizes activities to enhance the mental and physical well-being.

"Since 2022, the AEON EKIDEN relay race has become an annual and iconic event for local community. The event was organized across three locations in Vietnam with nearly 4,000 participants running together, bonding, and creating memorable moments with their families and friends" said Mr. Takeuchi Takashi, Deputy General Director of the AEON Vietnam Office Division, at the ceremony.

At the opening ceremony of the race, Mr. Vu Xuan Truong - District Party Committee Member, Vice Chairman of the Long Bien District People's Committee, shared: " In addition to the goal of creating a playground for people to practice physically and raise awareness of a happy life, the activity has brought memorable experiences of cohesion and solidarity for a common goal. In the coming time, I believe that AEON Vietnam will continue to work with Long Bien District to expand and organize AEON Ekiden into an annual and popular event for everyone in Long Bien district."

AEON Ekiden is not just a regular race, but a unique combination of two elements: sports and cultural exchange. With the desire to bring participants interesting and meaningful cultural experiences through two main activities including: AEON Ekiden race and Vietnam-Japan Cultural Festival held in the morning, along with the AEON Cosplay Festival held in the afternoon.

The race brings participants exciting and meaningful experiences, contributing to improving physical health by conveying the importance of physical activity as well as connecting family members and the community through race. Furthermore, this is also an opportunity for participants, especially children, to overcome challenges and their own limits. Through traditional games of the two countries, AEON Ekiden also promotes cultural exchange between Vietnam and Japan.

AEON Cosplay Festival is a playground that connects young people with the same passion, promoting the spirit of pursuing passion among the youth, and understanding Japanese culture in the Vietnamese youth community.

AEON Ekiden Race - Promoting a healthy lifestyle and family bonding

Returning with new improvements, AEON Ekiden 2024 not only aims to spread the spirit of sports, a healthy lifestyle and community cohesion, but also continuously innovates to pursue sustainable environmental goals. In order to reduce the negative impact on the environment while conveying the message of environmental protection to the participants, the items used in the AEON Ekiden race are made of environmentally friendly materials such as medals made from recycled plastic, hand fans designed to reduce the use of plastic handles.

As in previous years, the AEON Ekiden will be divided into two diverse competition categories: Category A for families: Category A, each team has 5 family members and at least 1 member is a child (aged 5-12), and Category B for teams from 13 years old and above.

The families - teams participating in AEON Ekiden 2024 have had meaningful moments of bonding

Ms. Hien (from Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi) shared that this is the first year her family has participated in the Ekiden race. "Our family has 10 people participating, divided into 2 teams. I find that the AEON Ekiden is not only a meaningful activity for the family and the community, but it also encourages young people to participate in sports activities and improve their health. My family is also very impressed with AEON's environmental protection message, from small details like fans without plastic handles, medals made from recycled plastic..."

Tran Pham Gia Tien, 14 years old (Ba Dinh, Hanoi), enthusiastically shared: "AEON Ekiden brought me an exciting and meaningful experience, creating an atmosphere of solidarity and unity, connecting members in the family. My family and I have had an unforgettable memory together."

Vietnam - Japan Cultural Festival - Enriching cultural experiences and strengthening the bond between the two countries

The Vietnam - Japan Cultural Festival, held concurrently with the AEON Ekiden, has attracted special attention from families with young children and many young people with novel and profound activities about the traditional cultures of the two countries. This event aims to contribute to enriching the community's experiences and strengthening the connection between the cultures of Vietnam and Japan.

AEON Cosplay Festival is a bridge where the quintessence of Vietnamese and Japanese culture converges. The activities here have attracted many participants, providing unique and meaningful cultural experiences. Participants not only immerse themselves in the Vietnamese cultural space with Vietnamese folk games like To He (clay figurines) and To Tuong (clay sculpture), but also experience Japanese folk culture brought to Vietnam through Daruma dolls or lucky charms.

The Vietnam - Japan cultural play area has attracted a large number of children with its unique and attractive traditional games

With a lively atmosphere and vibrant colors invested in carefully, AEON Cosplay Festival has also created an ideal playground for young people who share a love for Japanese comics and films, the hobby of cosplay and immersing themselves in the world of famous characters. This is an opportunity to express creativity and individual personality through the costumes and makeup styles of thousands of young people.

The Ekiden 2024 event at AEON Long Bien (Hanoi) has brought the people of the capital city unique and culturally valuable experiences. These activities will continue to be organized at AEON Binh Duong Canary on July 28 and AEON Tan Phu (Ho Chi Minh City) on August 25.

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