Tetra Pak Reveals 20% Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Across Value Chain Since 2019

2:46:15 PM | 7/4/2024

Tetra Pak has recently launched its 25th Sustainability Report, which tracks the progress the company has made against its sustainability agenda. It focuses on five interdependent areas: food systems, circularity, climate, nature and social sustainability.

Tetra Pak’s Sustainability Report FY23 highlights company achievements of protecting food, people and the planet

The company’s Sustainability Report FY23 shows a 20% reduction in value chain GHG emissions and a 47% reduction in GHG emissions across its own operations since 2019. The latter puts Tetra Pak on track to meet its target of net zero GHG emissions in its own operations by 2030 and supports the company’s long-term ambition to work together with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders and achieve net-zero GHG emissions across the value chain by 2050.

Another major milestone saw the launch of an aseptic beverage carton featuring a paper-based barrier, reducing its carbon footprint by a third (33%) and bringing the company a step closer to developing the world’s most sustainable food package. This world-first was a result of a €100 million investment in packaging research and development in 2023, with the same investment planned annually for the next five to ten years.

Adolfo Orive, President & CEO at Tetra Pak

Adolfo Orive, President & CEO at Tetra Pak, comments: “Collaboration across the food industry is ever more important to feed a growing population sustainably. Our global presence and end-to-end solutions give us opportunities every day to collaborate with stakeholders across the value chain, from farmers and food producers, to suppliers, policy makers, consumers and others. We understand the responsibility that comes with this role. We remain committed to playing our part to transform the world’s food systems, to ensure they are more secure, resilient and sustainable.”

Tetra Pak’s Sustainability Report FY23 highlights further company achievements in the past year, and its ongoing initiatives to protect food, people and the planet. These include:

  • Expanding School Feeding Programmes: The company helped 64 million children in 49 countries to get access to milk and other nutritious beverages through School Feeding Programmes.
  • Accelerating Recycling: Amount of carton packages collected and sent for recycling across the world rose by 7% compared to 2022. Additionally, there was a 14% increase in the volume of polyAl sent for recycling.
  • Getting recognition, again, for Leadership in Corporate Transparency and Performance: For the eighth consecutive year, Tetra Pak was included in the CDP Forests ‘A List’. Additionally, the company received an ‘A-‘ rating in Water Security, despite it being the first year of reporting in this area.
  • Actively implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Tetra Pak commits to playing our part to ensure the world’s food systems are more secure, resilient and sustainable

In Vietnam, Tetra Pak has implemented a variety of long-term initiatives to contribute to Vietnam’s circularity. The Company has expanded School Recycling Program to two provinces of Bac Ninh and Binh Duong to help instil the habit of waste classifying and carton collecting for recycling among millions of school children in nearly 1.200 schools. Tetra Pak is also actively engaged in helping its clients to comply with EPR regulation via its cooperation with such recyclers as Dong Tien to improve Vietnam’s cartons recycling capacity, its continuous efforts in expanding public drop-off stations to reach a network of roughly 150 ones. Within 2023, approximately 1.400 tons of used beverage cartons, equivalent to about 139 million carton packs were collected and recycled by various partners of Tetra Pak.  Recently, Tetra Pak also made an announcement of its additional investment of 97 million Euro to expand Binh Duong factory with changes implemented under Tetra Pak's dedication to environmental responsibility and corporate stewardship, ensuring sustainability standards upheld throughout the process.

The Araucaria Conservation Programme

“We are on the right track to be part of Vietnam’s transformation to circularity. In 2023, we cooperated with Van Diem and Biopa to spearhead cartons recycling in the North of Vietnam with a record of 40 tons of cartons collected. We aim to target to collect and recycle 500 tons of used beverage cartons under this very collaboration. We also add another 20 permanent collection points at our client’s stores with an intention to double the amount of cartons collected to reach 4 tons in 2024. We keep maintaining our annual activation at well-known retailers of Aeon Mall and MM Mega Market to raise public awareness and change their behaviour of cartons classifying and collecting,” said Ms. Thu Luong, Sustainability Manager, Tetra Pak Vietnam.

“We are committed to continuing our sustainability efforts in Vietnam as a testament of our 30 years making good stories happen in Vietnam,” highlighted Ms. Thu Luong.

The full FY23 report can be found here.

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