Quang Ninh Tax Department Supports Petroleum Businesses with E-invoices

3:27:37 PM | 7/8/2024

Petroleum businesses in Quang Ninh province find it hard to declare electronic invoices for each sale. To maximize the effectiveness of electronic invoices in the petroleum business, there is still a need for effective support to bring this policy to life.

The Quang Ninh Tax Department coordinated with the Department of Industry and Trade and e-invoice service providers to organize a guidance conference with all petroleum businesses in the province. In addition, the department actively advised the Provincial People's Committee to direct relevant bodies to work with tax offices to inform businesses and trade associations to guide, urge, inspect and supervise this policy implementation by enterprises.

According to the Quang Ninh Tax Department, Quang Ninh province currently has 93 petroleum companies with all 189 filling stations to work with solution providers to upgrade infrastructure, equipment, and technology to meet requirements for deployment of electronic invoices for each sale and connect and transmit invoice data with tax authorities.

In addition, the buyer receives an invoice immediately after completing the purchase of petroleum products, thus easing accounting, ensuring the origin and quantity of goods, and guaranteeing legal rights of consumers. For authorities, the adoption of e-invoices will be the basis for building a sufficient, centralized and continuous data foundation on petroleum business, thereby improving the effect of tax management and limiting risks and fraud in this field.

By Le Hien, Vietnam Business Forum