Flavors Vietnam 2024: Elevating Culinary Experiences with Exciting New Events 

5:32:54 PM | 7/8/2024

Flavors Vietnam 2024, launched in collaboration between Mastercard and Vietcetera, is Vietnam’s premier culinary event held in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Launched in June with the theme “Crafting Shared Culinary Experiences,” this year’s event promises a series of its signature activities, together with new exciting additions of festivals and more.

Flavors Vietnam, launched in collaboration between Mastercard and Vietcetera, stands as Vietnam’s premier culinary event, showcasing a series of gastronomic activities for businesses and consumers annually. This event celebrates the vibrant local food and beverage (F&B) industry and culture.

The past June marked the launch of the fifth edition of Flavors Vietnam, themed “Crafting Shared Culinary Experiences”. The event promises a lineup of well-received signature events and some tantalizing new activities.

According to the Vietnam Food & Beverage Market Report 2023 by iPOS.vn, the Vietnamese dining scene has seen a rise in middle-class customers who are increasingly spending on dining out and driving the demand for social dining experiences. This trend has created ample opportunities for F&B businesses, pushing them to innovate and adopt new trends to cater to these needs.

In this context, Flavors Vietnam 2024 aims to become a community-led platform fostering a healthy and sustainable F&B industry through the combined efforts of consumers and industry players. This year’s event also strives to position Vietnam as the region’s culinary hub by engaging more multinational tastemakers, expanding media outreach, and drawing more international travelers to the event with various attractive offers for Mastercard cardholders, facilitating cross-border transactions.

Flavors Vietnam 2024 features four main events spanning over five months from June to December, making it the longest celebration among the five editions. The lineup includes Flavors Bar Week (formerly Vietnam Bar Week), Flavors Conference (formerly Vietnam Food and Beverage Conference), Flavors Awards (formerly Vietnam Restaurant and Bar Awards), and Flavors Festival - a new initiative added this year.

Flavors Festival, featuring 40 eateries, entertainment, and experiential activities, is branded as a food and lifestyle hub showcasing the dynamic Vietnamese culinary landscape. To be held in Hanoi (in October) and Ho Chi Minh City (in December), this event will serve as the main attraction of the Flavors campaign, reinforcing Mastercard and Vietcetera’s partnership to create priceless culinary experiences. In addition to special deals and offers, Mastercard cardholders can also look forward to exclusive Priceless Experiences such as bespoke and curated dining experiences with renowned chefs and mixologists.

Adding to the excitement, Flavors Vietnam 2024 features a collaboration with World Class Cocktail Festival by Diageo leading up to Flavors Bar Week. Launched globally in 2009 and in Vietnam in 2012, Diageo World Class initiative aims to inspire the next generation of bartenders to offer elevated drinking experiences. It also includes a bartending competition, with champions from each country gathering for the global finals.

Featuring nearly 50 bars in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Flavors Bar Week, in partnership with World Class Cocktail Festival, is taking place from July 1st to 14th. This 2-week event promises various surprises including enticing deals and guest shifts featuring global award-winning bartenders, which is sure to elevate the already-vibrant bar scene in Vietnam.

Since the beginning of the collaboration, Vietcetera and Mastercard have inspired both consumers and partner merchants and restaurants to go cashless using Mastercard Tap & Go contactless payment technology. This vision extends throughout Flavors Vietnam 2024, where Mastercard cardholders can enjoy exclusive access to attractive privileges and discounts by using contactless payments with their Mastercard credit or debit cards.

The goal of the Flavors Conference in September is to deep dive into the evolving landscape of the F&B industry, exploring key topics such as shifting consumer preferences, cutting-edge technologies, and the growing emphasis on sustainability. Among the many insights to be gained, attendees will discover how the rise of cashless payments is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with and experience the F&B industry. This initiative aims to further drive cashless habits among F&B consumers and businesses, enticing more consumers to go cashless and encouraging more micro, small, and medium enterprises in the sector to enter the cashless, digital economy.

“Mastercard has long been about connecting people to their passions. In a country celebrated for its vibrant food culture like Vietnam, culinary is easily the biggest passion point. Mastercard is delighted to collaborate with Vietcetera on Flavors Vietnam 2024 for the fifth year running, presenting an exciting opportunity to spotlight Vietnam’s thriving F&B industry and deliver exclusive Priceless Experiences for Mastercard cardholders, allowing local and international food enthusiasts alike to explore their culinary passions in the country,” said Winnie Wong, Country Manager, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, Mastercard. “Along with key business partners like Vietcetera, Mastercard is also enabling local businesses in Vietnam to accept cashless payments securely and seamlessly to meet evolving consumer preferences. This initiative not only elevates Vietnamese cuisine globally but also brings more small local F&B businesses into the digital economy, driving growth for all involved.”

Hao Tran, CEO of Vietcetera, remarks, “Our vision for Flavors Vietnam remains steadfast: to elevate and celebrate Vietnam’s emerging food, beverage, and hospitality scene. This year, under the theme ‘Crafting Shared Culinary Experiences,’ Vietcetera in partnership with Mastercard remains committed to creating bespoke experiences centered around food and drink moments. It’s part of Vietcetera’s motto of showcasing Vietnam’s excellence on a global stage. The addition of the Flavors Festival in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is part of our expanded ambition and effort.”

Join Flavors Vietnam 2024 and be part of the culinary revolution. Mark your calendars, follow us on social media, and get ready to indulge in the finest Flavors Vietnam has to offer!

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