Top Italian Wine Roadshow 2024 Cultural and Diplomatic Bridge between Vietnam and Italy

9:59:56 AM | 6/11/2024

Among activities celebrating the 78th anniversary of the Republic of Italy (June 2, 1946 - 2024), the Top Italian Wine Roadshow 2024 unfolded on June 3. Enrico Padula, Italian Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, discussed the roadshow's role in enhancing bilateral cooperation, highlighting the potential of Italian wines in the Vietnamese market, and the challenges faced by businesses entering this market. 

What is the roadshow’s impact on Vietnam-Italy economic and cultural ties?

The ties between the Italian people and the Vietnamese people are obviously strengthened. Not only is this a cultural bridge, which contributes to an understanding of the history of the various types of wine we produce and their geographic origin, but it also allows the consumer to be better addressed, based on his or her particular taste

Can you assess the success of the Italian Wine Festival in Vietnam?

The success of the festival is evident from the high turnout in past editions. This success can be attributed to the exceptional quality of the products and the unique stories behind them. Additionally, Vietnamese people, especially those in Ho Chi Minh City, have shown a keen interest and appreciation for the wine sector.

What obstacles do Italian wine businesses face in Vietnam, and what are the solutions?

One of the main problems is certainly import duties, which we hope, with the EVFTA free trade agreement, can be lowered in the near future to make Italian wines more competitive. Additionally, there is also the issue of bureaucracy and lengthy procedures. Another difficulty arises from restrictions on the advertising of alcoholic beverages in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the country of origin of the wines matters a lot, but it has been proven that one of the most relevant factors is word of mouth. Building brand loyalty is therefore crucial, and participation in events such as this one is essential.

How do you view the prospects of Italian wines in the Vietnamese market?

The potential is immense. The Vietnamese market represents a significant audience that is increasingly appreciating our wines. I believe this interest will continue to grow in the coming years, fueled by Vietnam's rapid economic development.

Thank you so much!

Thu Huyen  (Vietnam Business Forum)