Tam Tho Co.,Ltd: Leadership Is Vital

3:13:47 PM | 10/12/2011

In its long challenging development, Tam Tho has always placed strong emphasis on sustainable business, and has gradually solidified its brand. Its current success is credited to its leader Nguyen Ngoc Tho for his dynamism, bold decision and market sensibility. In 2002, Nguyen Ngoc Tho decided to upgrade his agricultural implement store to Tam Tho Limited Company.
Nearly 10 years after its foundation, Tam Tho has been successful both in trading agricultural and fishing machinery and in trading automobiles. In 2006, Tam Tho cooperated with Truong Hai Automobile Joint Stock Company to become the official agent for commercial automobile lines. This decision has proved very successful and made Tam Tho one of leading commercial automobile enterprises. In 2009, Tam Tho decided to build an automobile showroom to better serve local demand.
To develop sustainably, Tam Tho always makes reputation and quality first priority. It always takes great care of customers, especially in after-sales service. Staff qualification improvement and good customer services are keys to Tam Tho’s success.
Bearing in mind that “human resources are the most valuable asset,” Tam Tho has always been dedicated to its staff. In addition to salary and bonus policy, the company also provides all benefits for labourers such as welfare insurance, vacation, and good remuneration for people with seniority. Therefore, labourers consider Tam Tho their second family and work for the company’s development.
In the unpredictable economic context, aiming at sustainable development, Director Ngoc Tho shared: “We should be confident and do business according to our capacity, know what to do and invest in the right track at the right time based on customer demand and our capacity.”
Knowing how to promote its strengths, support from the Authority and external conveniences all together make up the Tam Tho brand in mind of customers and even other provincial enterprises. Thereby, the company wins trust from both inside and outside businesses.