Fewer Days Commuting Brings Double Bubble of Benefits to Employers and Staff Alike, Says Regus

4:02:50 PM | 7/19/2012

71 percent of Vietnamese workers are now free from the shackles of their desks reveals the latest survey commissioned by Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces, which canvassed over 16,000 professionals in more than 80 countries. These professionals are free to work from locations other than their company’s main offices for half a week or more helping them reduce the overall time spent commuting and giving them the freedom to choose work locations closer to home.
Businesses have increasingly been offering flexible working practices to workers as morale and health benefits become common knowledge, but this research confirms that 71 percent of employees would also work harder, benefiting the company, if they could reduce their commute.
The Regus research asked Vietnamese professionals how they would use the time gained through cutting their commute. 88 percent would spend more time with partner and family; 82 percent would spend more time exercising and getting fitter.
This research also importantly reveals that if businesses were to extend flexible working practices for their staff, not only would employee health, morale and loyalty improve, but also overall productivity as staff would work more, confirming earlier Regus research revealing that globally 72 percent of companies had experienced increased productivity directly as a result of flexible working practices.