National Environmental Report 2011 Released

4:46:06 PM | 8/10/2012

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment recently held a ceremony in Hanoi to announce the National Environmental Report 2011.
The National Environmental Report 2011 is themed "Solid waste" because the process of industrialisation and modernisation in Vietnam has been rapidly accelerated to power up national socioeconomic development. This progress entails environmental concerns, particularly solid wastes like household wastes, industrial wastes, agricultural wastes, medical wastes, construction wastes, and hazardous wastes. The amount of solid wastes generated increases 10 percent a year.
Solid waste management has been deployed at all levels and sectors. A lot of measures and solutions have been introduced to prevent environmental pollution caused by solid wastes. The amount of solid wastes collected has increased significantly but it is still below the requirement. The percentage of solid wastes in cities, industrial parks and export processing zones account for 80 - 82 percent (83 - 85 percent in cities and 40 - 55 percent in rural areas).
Do Ngoc