VNPT Hau Giang Asserting Leadership in Telecom – Information Technology

1:46:11 PM | 12/13/2018

VNPT Hau Giang, established in July 2011, is a dependent unit of VNPT Group, assigned to provide a full range of telecom - information technology products and services in Hau Giang province. Over the past seven years, VNPT Hau Giang has obtained impressive growth; confidently affirmed its leadership in telecom - IT field and a flagship in emulation campaigns launched by VNPT Group and Hau Giang province.

At the beginning, VNPT Hau Giang had 165 employees. After VNPT Group was restructured, more than 160 employees were assigned to work at VNPT Hau Giang and VNPT - Hau Giang Business Centre (Vinaphone Hau Giang). Over 85 per cent of the workforce is locals who are trained in professional skills and expertise, sales and customer care skills every year in order to better meet customer requirements under the motto "Customer is central".

One of the biggest difficulties of VNPT Hau Giang is increasingly competitive pressure on the telecom - IT market, said Director Nguyen Hoang Hien. Competitors muster their financial resources and human resources for promotional and customer care activities. Despite facing numerous challenges, thanks to the valuable support of VNPT Group, the leadership of the Party and government of Hau Giang province and the effort of all the staff to deal with hardships, VNPT Hau Giang has gradually overcome difficulties to make headway. After more than seven years of operation, VNPT Hau Giang's business has enjoyed remarkable growth. Its telecom - IT revenue posted an average annual growth of 11.2 per cent from 2015 to 2017. From a loss-making unit since 2011, VNPT Hau Giang recorded a profit of over VND9 billion in 2017, fulfilling 283 per cent of the full-year plan and rising 189 per cent over 2016. Labour productivity grew 17.1 per cent annually on average from 2015 to 2017. The average monthly salary of an employee was more than VND10 million in 2017, nearly twice that of 2012. Outstanding business achievements not only helped VNPT Hau Giang maintain its market share, affirm its leadership in delivering telecom - IT products and services, but also contributed significantly to socioeconomic development, served people's livelihoods and ensured national defence and security in the province.

Not only achieving high business efficiency, VNPT Hau Giang has also fulfilled its mandatory obligations. Every year, it has paid full land rents and taxes to the local budget. It has also spent a lot on meaningful social security and sharing with the community and the society.

Speaking about VNPT Hau Giang development prospects, Director Hien added that, according to VNPT Group’s business development strategy to 2020 and further to 2030 (VNPT Strategy 3.0), together with VNPT Group, VNPT Hau Giang will gradually shift from a provider of traditional telecom services to a supplier of digital communication services and telecom - IT value added services in order to best serve customer needs. Under that orientation, from now to 2020, 2025 and 2030, VNPT Hau Giang will focus on developing information technology in the province, working together with local authorities to execute Resolution 36a/NQ-CP on e-Government to raise the readiness of Hau Giang province for IT development and application, thus effectively meeting information demands and IT application requirements of local organisations and people. To achieve these goals, VNPT Hau Giang is paying special attention to human resource development, especially high-level management personnel specialised in strategic administration, process management, risk management and IT. Meanwhile, VNPT Hau Giang will continue to promote the VNPT culture to create its own identity and boost the prestige of VNPT brand in Hau Giang province.

Hoang Lam