Dow Vietnam Receives AmCham Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Four Consecutive Years

6:44:39 PM | 12/6/2018

On December 5, Dow Vietnam takes pride in winning AmCham Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award recognizing Dow’s CSR best practice for four consecutive years. The prestigious award reaffirms Dow’s commitment to Vietnam’s sustainable economy and community aligning to the company’s 2025 Sustainability Goals.

“Since we entered Vietnam in 1995, we have strived not only to ensure the innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers but also to improve the well-being of community in a sustainable way by working with partners and various stakeholders. It’s our great pleasure to receive the AMCHAM CSR award this year and we will continue our CSR excellence to better a quality of life of community,” said Mr. Tomoyuki Sasama, General Director of Dow Vietnam.

Dow is embarking on the third stage of its sustainability journey with its ambitious 2025 Sustainability Goals. Through these goals, the company will collaborate with like-minded partners to maximize the economic, environmental and social value to advance the well-being of humanity. In Vietnam, those signature CSR initiatives include the following:

  • Beach Clean-up: Partnering with the local government, universities and customers, Dow Vietnam organized a beach clean-up event in Vung Tau City on the International Ocean Clean-up Day to raise the environmental conservation awareness among the general public with more than 300 employee and community volunteers joined the event.

  • Dow Vietnam STEM Program: Dow Vietnam STEM Program aims to inspire more than 120 students from four top technology universities to develop innovative solutions to address their community challenges related to food safety and sustainability.
  • Building the Workforce of Tomorrow: In partnership with Chemical Society of Vietnam, Dow organized 11 field trips to visit several state-of-the-art chemical plants in Vietnam for more than 600 chemistry students across the country to better their understanding about chemistry career and industry.

  • Building House, Building Hope Project: Dow Vietnam has been implementing “Building House, Building Hope” projects with Habitat for Humanity. As of today, the company has built more than 50 houses for the underprivileged throughout the country.
  • Water Purification Systems Donation: Dow Vietnam has donated more than 50 water purification systems to provide clean and safe drinking water to schools and hospitals in Vietnam.
Mr. Adam Sitkoff, Executive Director, AmCham in Hanoi said: “We congratulate Dow Vietnam on receiving the AmCham CSR Recognition Award for four consecutive years. Dow is one of the prominent American business with strong commitment to sustainability. The company is a good role model for the industry.”

Dow has been to Vietnam since 1995. From that year forward, Dow has been a partner in Vietnam’s progress and development and has always been committed to contributing to Vietnam’s industrial growth for the long term to add value to most of the country’s advanced manufacturing industries, which continues to create jobs and revenues for the local economy. Currently, Dow products are essential inputs to many downstream and supporting industries in Vietnam and Dow has been providing products and solutions to Vietnamese manufacturers who are involved in electronics, appliances, drinking water and waste water treatment, home and personal care, communications, alternative energy, health, and nutrition businesses, as well as in transportation and construction.