Vinalines Hau Giang Jointly Tapping Regional Seaport - Logistics Potential

1:48:09 PM | 12/13/2018

The Mekong Delta is endowed with great potential in seaport and logistics service development. To grasp this opportunity, Hau Giang Maritime Service Co., Ltd (Vinalines Hau Giang) was established on May 17, 2007, to provide seaport, cargo handling, warehouse leasing, waterborne and ground transport and logistics services. After more than 10 years, Vinalines Hau Giang has effectively facilitated freight circulation and distribution development and served exporting activities of enterprises based in the Mekong Delta and other regions.

Vinalines Hau Giang is now a member of Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines). When handed over to Vinalines, the company encountered numerous difficulties in operations. Fortunately, with the valuable support of the Government, the Ministry of Transport, the government of Hau Giang province and particularly Vinalines, Vinalines Hau Giang has put into operation Vinalines Hau Giang General Port, which is effectively integrated with warehousing and yard leasing services, and waterway and ground transportation business.

Hau Giang Port, administered by Vinalines Hau Giang, is an international seaport officially put into operation in August 2017 under Decision 1197/QD-CHHVN dated August 10, 2017 of the Vietnam Maritime Administration. Its main facilities include Pier No.1, warehouses, yards and technical infrastructure systems. The port is capable of receiving ships of 20,000 DWT and handling about 1 million tonnes of commodities a year.

Hau Giang Port, strategically located in the heart of the Mekong Delta, is a trade hub between Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta Key Economic Zone (consisting of Can Tho, Ca Mau, Kien Giang and An Giang), and among Mekong Delta provinces, Ho Chi Minh City and Cambodia. This is also a place to store, preserve and transport raw materials for local industrial zones, a place to assemble merchandise from industrial zones for distribution to domestic and international markets. Thus, the establishment and operation of Hau Giang Port has opened up new opportunities and created momentum for local socioeconomic development. Specifically, the port has helped tap the logistics potential of Hau Giang province, thus reducing costs and enhancing commodity competitiveness in domestic and international markets. In addition, Hau Giang Port has also helped stimulate supporting industries, support local industrial production development, generate new tax-based revenue sources for local budgets such as VAT, capital gains tax, export tax and land tax, while helping create jobs, lower the unemployment rate and increase the rate of trained workers in Hau Giang province in particular and the Mekong Delta region in general.

Wishing to become a leading international and domestic trade gateway of the Mekong Delta, Hau Giang Port has constantly endeavoured to innovate and develop towards modern and professional delivery of complete port services and connect logistics chains to provide best services for partners.

General Director Vo Thanh Phong said that, in the 2017 - 2020 period, Vinalines Hau Giang will invest in marine service infrastructure and technological development; and carry out and operate the first phase investment in Hau Giang Port construction project. The company planned and phased out Hau Giang Logistics Centre construction investment project to optimise development investment for human resources by applying modern information technology and delivering more utilities for customers. The centre will provide full logistics services for businesses in the Mekong Delta region, enabling them to reduce costs and raise the competitiveness of their goods in domestic and foreign markets. Right in 2018, Vinalines Hau Giang has been deploying some basic logistics services such as stevedoring, freight forwarding and empty container depot. In the 2021 - 2025 period, the firm will continue to build infrastructure for delivery of specialized logistics services for processing and assembling enterprises.

Regarding development investment, Vinalines Hau Giang will complete the construction of the 200-metre Pier No. 2 in the 2019 - 2020 period and complete the entire construction project of the general port and maritime service complex in the 2021 - 2025 period with a total pier length of 930 metres and a combined warehousing facility area of 87.1 ha. The cargo throughput will reach 6 - 7 million tonnes, powered by modern and advanced equipment.

In addition to its efforts for higher performance and better spiritual and material care for employees, Vinalines Hau Giang also pays special attention to actively carrying out social security through gratitude programmes tailored to help people with recognised service for the nation, and help vulnerable people.
Using its budget and its employees’ contributions, Vinalines Hau Giang has played an active role in building houses for policy-benefiting people, presenting gifts to poor people and granting scholarships and gifts to outstanding students born to poor families, launched by the local government and Vinalines. These good deeds honour the culture of Vinalines Hau Giang employees who live and work in a meaningful and compassionate manner, share with local people, and are devoted to building an effective business model, carrying out social security works and contributing to local industrialisation and modernisation.

Minh Xuan