Explore Vung Vieng fishing village with Starlight Cruise

10:33:42 AM | 9/24/2019

There is a fishing village located among thousands of romantic islands in Ha Long Bay, bearing the imprint of fishermen. There, visitors live with nature, forget the daily worries to find rustic and peaceful. It is Vung Vieng fishing village. Let's explore the fishing village with Starlight Cruise!

Vung Vieng fishing village - the name sounds strange. Asked to know, before the fishing village was called "Vong Vieng", whenever it was time to cook lunch, because in the sea the waves made the pot wobble, the lid turned out, so residents often jokingly called "Vung Venh", after that people called Vung Vieng.

Initially, the fishing village was just a small mooring for boats to stop to avoid wind and storm. Because the waves here are quite light, every season is beautiful, so fishermen have chosen this place to settle down, with more than 60 households, living on fishing. Although their life is hard, but always happy and harmonious, the people here are simple and rustic. Their lives passed quietly as gentle waves, cuddled by the tenderness of the immense nature. Now the households have been evacuated to shore to facilitate their children's schooling and health care, and also to facilitate environmental protection.

To visit the Vung Vieng fishing village, visitors can use a small boat or Kayak. Sitting on the boat, visitors fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay and listen to the interesting sharing stories of the ferryman. Visitors interested in sports and exploring can choose to visit the fishing village by kayaking. The limestone mountains are covered with a green color that reflects on water, the bright rays have the opportunity to show their shimmer. What a beautiful picture!

Discovering Halong Bay, enjoying the spectacular nature and visiting the peaceful Vung Vieng fishing village with Starlight Cruise is the best thing that every visitor should experience. Starlight Cruise is made of steel, it is considered a floating hotel on the bay. With modern equipment, luxurious furnishings, professional staff will surely satisfy the most demanding guests.

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