Vinh Tuong District Creates Clean Land Fund to Attract Investors

10:16:51 AM | 12/2/2019

Vinh Tuong District People’s Committee has arranged compensation, cleared ground and handed over 109.6 ha to 23 projects since the start of 2019.

As for works and projects subject to coerced land takeover, the district government exercise coercive measures to 10 works and projects. With good negotiations, local residents accepted compensation and the district government gave the ground to two projects. For eight remaining projects, the ground clearance was also completed for Nghia Hung commune cultural and sports center and Dong Soc industrial cluster project - Phase 1.

To facilitate land acquisition, compensation and clearance, Vinh Tuong District People’s Committee proposed the province to request concerned bodies and localities to assist local authorities to review and consolidate documents to ensure legality of the work; support enforcement forces and means to ensure order and security; and report to the central government on the 5-year land price roadmap in 2020 - 2024.