Young Poong Electronics Vina Co., Ltd Employs 1,300 Workers

10:19:27 AM | 12/2/2019

Having been present in Binh Xuyen II Industrial Park, Vinh Phuc province since 2017, after more than 2 years of operation, Young Poong Electronics Vina Co., Ltd has constantly expanded its market to realize its ambition of becoming a leading manufacturer of electronic circuit boards. The company is employing nearly 1,300 workers, who are paid an average income of VND6.5 - 9 million per month.

The wholly South Korea-invested firm manufactures and trades flexible printed circuit boards - FPCBs (excluding one-layer and two-layer boards) and Surface-mount technology (SMT) boards. The company is the first in Vinh Phuc province to be certified a high-tech support enterprise in the development priority plan.

Currently, the company has two manufacturing plants with a total area of ​​over 12,000 square meters. The monthly output averages over 33,000 square meters. In 2018, it made nearly 400,000 square meters, equivalent to more than 36 million products of all kinds, earned revenue of over VND6,000 billion, and paid more than VND12 billion to the State Budget. Since the beginning of 2019, the company produced tens of millions of products and raked in over VND1,600 billion of revenue, up 47% year on year.

In the coming time, Young Poong Electronics Vina Co., Ltd will build the third factory covering ​​10 ha in Dong Soc Industrial Complex, Vinh Tuong district to bring its monthly output to 140,000 square meters and generate jobs for thousands of more workers and giving a helping hand to local economic development.