Tay Ninh Transport Construction Investment Project Management Unit: Resolved to Overcome Hardships, Fulfill Tasks in 2019

11:50:43 AM | 12/5/2019

Assigned to invest in transport projects in Tay Ninh province by the Provincial People’s Committee, the Tay Ninh Transport Construction Investment Project Management Unit (PMU) always upholds its responsibility, makes every effort to ensure construction progress and quality, and helps improve the transport network to meet industrialization and modernization requirements.

In 2019, the Department of Transport and the PMU were allocated VND909.62 billion to carry out investment projects by the Provincial People’s Committee, including five completed projects with VND6.29 billion (fully disbursed), 18 ongoing projects (11 transitional projects, five new projects and one project with the ground cleared), five prepared projects (VND15.145 billion allocated in 2019, sourced from the local budget), and one project prepared for ground clearance. As of August 31, 2019, the disbursed value totaled VND205.71 billion (47.81% of the plan), including VND225.53 billion (or 36.54% of VND617.25 billion planned) from the local budget and VND209.31 billion (71.59% of VND292.37 billion planned) from the central budget.

When carrying out projects and bid packages, PMU focused on selecting well-reputed capable contractors to ensure the right progress, quality, time and cost of projects. It also kept close track of project situations to have prompt solutions if contractors failed to meet construction progress and quality. As a result, all of its traffic investment projects met quality and schedule requirements and put into effective operation. Well-managed investment costs helped save local budget. Project bidding and contractor selection strictly followed mandatory procedures, ensured publicity, transparency and competition. This work helped PMU save VND55.98 billion for the State budget. Especially, PMU successfully carried out many online project bids, thus not only ensuring publicity and transparency but also helping save costs for businesses bidding, eliminate intermediaries in bidding.

Nevertheless, PMU also faced many challenges in operations. Land complaints, land-attached asset complaints and rising land prices caused some projects to be slowed and rescheduled. Typical projects invested by PMU included upgraded and expanded Ly Thuong Kiet Road (the section from CMT8 Road to Chau Van Liem Road), expanded Nguyen Van Linh Road (the section from Nguyen Hue Road to Nam Trai Bridge), extended Road 790 (the section from Khedol - Suoi Da Road to Bo Ho - Bau Vuong - Cong 3 Road), Provincial Road 782, Provincial Road 784 and Dat Set - Ben Cui Road.

Mr. Dang Hoang Chuong, Director of the Tay Ninh Transport Construction Investment Project Management Unit, said, ground clearance is currently a major obstacle of transport infrastructure investment projects in Tay Ninh province. This was also a ‘bottleneck’ of a series of key transport projects to be delayed in the locality, hence affecting disbursement progress and cost increase. To remove this tailback, PMU will actively work with local authorities to find solutions to emerging issues in land compensation and site clearance to accelerate project progress. As land prices increased in some project locations, the unit reviewed and recalculated the compensation value for residents before launching these projects. For issues beyond its authority, it put forth to the Provincial People’s Committee for settlement.

Mr. Chuong added that, in the remaining time of 2019, PMU will focus on completing bids and put into operation such projects as upgraded and expanded Ly Thuong Kiet Road, upgraded Road 30-4, extended Road 790 (the section from Khedol - Suoi Da Road to Bo Ho - Bau Vuong - Cong 3 Road), Phuoc Vinh - Soc Thiet - Ta Xia Road, Provincial Road 781 (the section from Bo Ho Junction to Binh Duong province). The unit will focus on speeding up the construction progress of projects as per registered schedule and spend all the budget assigned for 2019. For new projects, in the last months of the year, PMU will start constructing roads to the border-sharing commune of Ninh Dien, Chau Thanh district and complete the disbursement plan in 2019. “With their ultimate resolution, PMU employees unite and support each other to complete their tasks in 2029 to make practical and effective contributions to local socioeconomic development,” he stressed.

 Cong Luan