Sao Mai Totally and Successfully Restructures Dong Thap Tourist JSC

1:11:08 PM | 12/13/2019

After five years as a strategic shareholder of Dong Thap Tourist Joint Stock Company, with the vision and potential of a professional investor, Sao Mai Group has conducted a total and comprehensive restructuring of Dong Thap Tourist.

Sao Mai Group pumped in more than VND200 billion to upgrade facilities and train highly qualified human resources. With its creativity and acumen, the group changed the landscape from a loss maker to a profit earner, created more jobs and made a significant contribution to the society.

That achievement is a miraculous crystallization of collective wisdom and employee enthusiasm. But what is more is that Sao Mai Group has inspired all employees to work together to revive DongThap Tourist.

In April 2018, the company upgraded Sao Mai Hotel (formerly Song Tra Hotel) at the center of Cao Lanh City to an upper-class facility after just more than one year of renovation and upgrading. And on November 28, 2019, Bong Hong Hotel - Sa Dec Branch was inaugurated after nearly six months of urgent upgrade to a 3-star hotel.

Having beautiful, modern and spacious properties located in the heart of major cities of Dong Thap province is a clear demonstration of high determination of Sao Mai Group and a special attention and support from leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Committee, provincial authorities, Cao Lanh City and Sa Dec City.

With a series of solutions to change management mechanism, rebuild facilities and service infrastructure to meet actual needs, Dong Thap Tourist Joint Stock Company determined to create a solid luggage to step into an accelerating stage towards sustainable development. That right step has brought both economic value and social security as Sao Mai Group has added new colors and vitality to become a pioneer in the tourism sector of Dong Thap province.

Recognizing those contributions, five high performing individuals were awarded Certificates of Merit by President of Sao Mai Group. A team and three individuals of Dong Thap Tourist Joint Stock Company were honored with Certificates of Merit for excellent business performance in five years of corporate restructuring by the Provincial People’s Committee.

Hoang   Linh