Exedy Vietnam Co., Ltd Improves Fire Safety

9:28:55 AM | 12/18/2019

Exedy Vietnam Co., Ltd, based in Khai Quang Industrial Park, is a wholly Japanese invested manufacturer and trader of engine components, clutches, gear boxes, control and transmission parts. In recent years, in addition to developing business operations, the company has always focused on ensuring fire safety in production and considers this an important and decisive task to its business development.

The company established the Grassroots Fire Prevention and Fighting Team with 32 excellent members selected from production lines (each production line has at least one member in charge of fire prevention and fighting) trained by fire police officers of Vinh Phuc Fire Police at least once a year and granted certificates. Every month, the company always grants the fund and facilitate the team to train and practice firefighting, rescue and emergency skills. The company focuses on equipping firefighting apparatuses like fire alarms and EXIT emergency lighting system (regularly maintained twice a year) and wall-mounted fire fighting systems active around the clock.

By always proactively and voluntarily complying with fire safety laws, in more than 10 years of operation, Exedy Vietnam has never seen any fire at the workplace and becomes a prime example of fire prevention and fighting, rescue and emergency in Vinh Phuc province.