Thang Long IP Leads in Attracting Investment in Vinh Phuc Province

1:15:32 PM | 6/25/2020

With a convenient location, synchronous and modern technical infrastructure, Thang Long Industrial Park is leading the province in attracting new foreign and domestic investment in the first five months.

According to the report by Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority, the total registered capital of nine newly licensed FDI projects in Vinh Phuc is over US$24.9 million in the first five months of the year. Thang Long Industrial Park attracted two projects, with total registered capital of US$16.8 million, accounting for nearly 68% of the total investment in the province in the period. By Japanese investors, these two projects operate in supporting industries. In addition, Thang Long Industrial Park has also attracted a domestic investment project, CNC TECH Thang Long, with total investment of VND293 billion. Especially, right in the month of being granted investment certificate, CNC TECH Joint Stock Company adjusted to increase the investment capital from VND293 billion to VND306 billion to build a factory, import more modern equipment to support electronics, telecommunications, automobiles, motorbikes, manufacturing, processing metal products, precision engineering and molds.

According to the statistics of Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park Co., Ltd - the investor and developer of infrastructure of Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park, for nearly four years, as of the end of May 2020, Thang Long Industrial Park has attracted 20 investment projects with total registered capital of over US$323.8 million, the occupancy rate reached nearly 51%. In which, 14 projects have been licensed, and 6 projects registered for reservation. In addition to investors from Japan, this industrial park also attracts a number of projects from Taiwanese and Vietnamese investors operating mainly in the fields of high-tech industries and supporting industries for cars, motorcycles and electronic components.

The attraction of geographical location, comprehensive technical infrastructure and open investment policies and mechanisms have helped Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park increase its occupancy rate, from approximately 30% in December 2019 to approximately 51% in May 2020, only about 12% lower than the average occupancy rate on leased or registered industrial land of industrial parks in Vinh Phuc province.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum