Fruit, Vegetable Export to Thailand Soars 230%

3:08:04 PM | 7/23/2020

Vietnam's export value to Thailand tended to decrease, but fruit and vegetable shipments witnessed an impressive growth.

According to the latest information from the General Department of Vietnam Customs, in June, Vietnam’s export value of fruits and vegetables to Thailand was more than US$11.4 million, totaling US$79.4 million in the first six months, 230% higher than the same period of 2019.

This development is quite special as Thailand is the leading exporter of fruits and vegetables in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, Vietnam’s total exports to Thailand declined in the January-June period. Specifically, the country’s exports to this Southeast Asian nation was only US$2.27 billion, down by more than US$ 500 million year on year.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum