VSS Pays COVID-19 Tests for Insurance Policyholders

10:03:31 AM | 8/1/2020

On July 30, 2020, right after receiving the Official Letter No. 4051/BYT-KHTC on payment of COVID-19 testing fees from the Ministry of Health, the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) sent the Official Dispatch No. 2418/BHXH-CSYT on the implementation of this content to social security agencies in centrally governed provinces and cities, social security agencies in the Ministry of Defense and social security agencies in the Ministry of Public Security.

According to the Official Letter No. 4051/BYT-KHTC, the Ministry of Health requested the VSS to direct local security agencies to temporarily pay COVID-19 testing costs for insurance policyholders in the following cases: People are subject to medical isolation measures and mandatory health quarantine; COVID-19 patients are seeking medical treatment at medical facilities; people are subject to COVID-19 tests.

The Official Letter from the Ministry of Health also clearly states applicable price rates specified in the Appendix of Circular No. 13/2019/TT-BYT dated July 5, 2019 of the Ministry of Health on amendments and supplements to a number of articles of the Circular No. 39/2018/TT-BYT dated November 30, 2018 of the Ministry of Health on unified prices of insured medical services among same-class hospitals nationwide. It also instructs pricing and payment of medical services in some specific cases: VND734,000 for Service No. 1735: Real-time PCR test and VND238,000 for Service No. 1736: Quick test for bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

Based on the request of the Ministry of Health, the VSS requested local social security agencies to coordinate with local hospitals to promptly check and pay COVID-19 testing fees for insured people under the Ministry of Health’s Official Letter No. 4051/BYT-KHTC. At the same time, it requested local securities agencies to comply with contents in the Official Dispatch No. 2146/BYT-BH dated April 17, 2020 and the Official Dispatch No. 2276/BYT-BH dated April 24, 2020 of Ministry of Health on payment of medical care costs relating to COVID-19 disease. Local securities agencies are recommended to contact VSS for guidance and settlement of emerging issues and problems.

Given the continued complicated development of COVID-19 epidemic, the VSS is determined to raise the morale and political duties of the sector, ensure close coordination with relevant ministries and agencies to have prompt directions on specific practical solutions to health insurance policies to better ensure rights and interests of the insured and join forces with other entities to prevent and control COVID-19 in the most effective way.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum