Sao Mai Group Taps into Natural Drinking Water

2:28:16 PM | 16/11/2020

The sacredness is already the soul of the water source in the sacred land of That Son in the collective culture of Bay Nui people, which has inspired “people searching for a shape for water” to study and successfully bring An Hao natural drinking water to life.

Feeling the water current at night, how you could sleep

Water seeping under your feet, it's not far away.

The far frontier sky is always green

Seeing the water, the more you understand and love it.

The story of bringing natural drinking water to life

The cultural life of ethnic minorities in the southwestern frontier land is a representative picture of the image of farmers carrying buckets of water taken from small watercourses in the middle of a mountain slope or in wells in arid places of vitality that bring water to irrigate low-yield farming lands. Perhaps, the very hard labor in that traditional culture touched the heart of nature that endows this place with an abundant source of underground water, silently flowing through the history of building and defending the nation.

In a tree-covered mountainous slopes linked to legends, magical stories and myths, taking water by old ways like from spring or from well has become very difficult. And, people worship Water God on hopes that water is easily taken for daily use. Water has deeply penetrated into public beliefs.

When the first phase of the Sao Mai Solar Farm was being built, the drill unexpectedly encountered an underground water source at the foot of the mountain, an effective supply for workers at the construction site. After this lucky meeting, this place continued to be visited by the charming pair of transcendent snakes in May 2019, stirring a wave of legendary myths. According to legends in Bay Nui, predestined opportunity only comes to lucky people. God Snake only appears to bring good luck to those people.

Mr. Le Van Khanh (white shirt) who tapped the holy water current of That Son

It had been thought that the story was just magical, what the Sao Mai Solar Power Plant has made was extremely admirable. Since the commercial operation date (COD) of the first phase on June 30, 2019, it has substantially contributed to the society. According to the report made by the Construction Management Board, on average, each year, the plant paid over VND130 billion of tax to the local budget and fed in over 420 million kWh of electricity to the national grid a year to ensure electricity supply for the region and mitigate Vietnam's energy security risks.

Seeing optimistic benefits from a water current in this mountain and forest, Mr. Le Van Khanh, Chairman of Tourism Development Council, Sao Mai Group - the investor of An Hao natural drinking water plant, determined to bring the sacred water source to everyone in the country.

Bringing sacred water flow everywhere

Mysterious legends all explain extraordinary encounters. It was clearly a predestined opportunity when Deity Turtle appeared to help King An Duong Vuong to kill demons and presented him his claw to make a magic crossbow capable of shooting all arrows to desired aims and helping Co Loa Castle withstand all attacks to stand firm in North Au Lac Kingdom. Or Emperor Le Loi miraculously found the sword hilt and blade of Thuan Thien of Dragon King in Hoan Kiem Lake. He used the magic sword to push back Chinese Ming invaders to regain independence for the nation.

Folk legends in Vietnamese culture are based on real history, imbued with strong will, steadfast spirit and national patriotism and pride of Vietnamese people - the descendent of Dragon and Fairy. Those are also noble duties destined to the chosen person who must fulfil them by fate. By bringing the water flow in the mountain and forest of That Son everywhere, the chosen one - who is seeking the shape of water - is gradually completing his own mission.

There will be a check-in location for tourists exploring Tri Ton border area

Placing the bottled natural water production facility powered by Cartridge filter technology of GE Power & Water right at the water source where the landscape is charming and poetic and people are faithful, Khanh said, “The water factory must be located in a place where the groundwater flows smoothly and where minerals condense and crystallize to keep all valuable micronutrients in the water when it is tapped. This place also converges the aura of heaven and earth rarely seen elsewhere at the foot of Bay Nui Mountain.”

Water is everywhere in Vietnam. However, natural drinking water with trace minerals found in Bay Nui region is extremely mysterious, only found in the place where it is created. Perhaps, it is also a predestined fate sealed to the investor who was made to start to call the magical phrase “Open Water.”

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