Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer JSC Contributing to “Flourishing” Vietnamese Agriculture

11:54:04 AM | 4/2/2021

Vietnam has the second largest agricultural scale in Southeast Asia and is in the phase of developing a “green, clean, safe and sustainable” agricultural production. In which, the application of fertilizers in agricultural production is evaluated as one of the key solutions. As one of the leading enterprises in fertilizer production, Van Dien Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer brand is not only a familiar name to farmers across the country, but also has increasingly asserted its backbone role in providing clean nutrition for clean and organic agricultural production.

Accompanying farmers

Over the years, Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (VADFCO) has always promoted its leading position in the Vietnamese fertilizer and chemical industry, raising the spirit of “Using quality as the key to integration, using technology investment as a means, considering team building as the decisive factor, being determined to create new development steps, reaching new heights in the cause of the national industrialization and modernization”. From the initial scale with two blast furnaces, each with a capacity of 10,000 tons per year and a crushing drying line, to date, after many times of investment in expansion and research and application of new technologies, VADFCO has increased its total capacity to 450,000 tons of fertilizers of all kinds, including 300,000 tons of fused magnesium phosphate fertilizer and 150,000 tons of NPK of all kinds with many advantages.

Determined to develop quality fertilizer products from the country’s resources, enriching the country, VADFCO aims for production using thermal technology, absolutely no chemicals, environment-friendly methods, and double efficiency: providing 15 - 20% of nutrients for plants and reducing the acidity of the soil, balancing the nutrients that the soil in our country is lacking.

VADFCO not only wins farmers’ trust by quality products benefiting both crops and the environment, but also by the company’s responsibility to farmers. In the business philosophy of VADFCO, ‘accompanying farmers’ is the guideline for all production and business strategies. With the passion and knowledge of agriculture and forestry and the desire to meet the diverse needs of farmers, generations of VADFCO’s officers and employees have researched and supplied to the market over 60 different fertilizers suitable for each land area and each growing period of plants. Sticking with farmers, understanding their difficulties as well as their opportunities to access science and technology, VADFCO always has specific instructions for each type of product, for each type of crop, helping to improve yield and quality of crops. Besides, VADFCO builds the company’s quality policy in association with consumers’ interests; undertakes to be responsible for the Company’s products and services till the end; propagates and introduces product models and quality so that consumers can identify and distinguish counterfeit and fake products.

Not only widely used in the country, Van Dien magnesium phosphate fertilizer has become one of the pioneers to export fertilizers abroad in strict markets such as France, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia. The presence of Van Dien in many countries today is a testament to the steadfast goal towards the prosperity of farmers and rural communities.

Creativity - the key to development

Immersed in an era where science has been growing rapidly, VADFCO considers creativity as the key to help it constantly develop. Recently, facing the general difficulties of world fertilizer price fluctuations, domestic agricultural product prices falling, unusual weather, and the proliferation of fake and poor quality fertilizers, the Board of Directors of the Company has focused many measures to maintain production stability and development, such as: Strengthening human resources organization, renovation of management, administration and human training, investment in procurement, improvement of equipment-technology, production cost reduction, particularly, VADFCO has cooperated with the unions of the Company to promote patriotic emulation movement, creative labor movement, good labor, gathering creative ideas and technical innovation initiatives. With the intelligent mind and the spirit of the employees’ collective demand, in the last 5 years, 55 innovative ideas have been born, of which 49 innovative topics have been applied to production, saving over VND18 billion for the company.

Also, thanks to the creative activities and investment in science and technology, the Company has thoroughly handled the environmental problem on the reuse of solid materials; water circulation that completely eliminates solid waste and wastewater; 100% of the exhaust gas is properly treated before being discharged into the environment, bringing in benefits of hundreds of billion VND each year and helping VADFCO to always be the key product in the capital area.

In 2020, the world economy is extremely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in Vietnam, while the constant natural disasters have significantly influenced the Company’s business performance. Although the recruitment, marketing and sales has been facing many difficulties, the cost of transporting exports has increased, etc. but with the spirit of solidarity, consensus, initiative, courage, creativity, the Board of Directors of the Company has actively directed the synchronous implementation of many solutions, ensuring epidemic prevention and stabilizing production and business. Specifically, the total output of VADFCO fertilizers produced in 2020 has reached nearly 230,000 tons with industrial production value of more than VND160 billion, total revenue of more than VND745 billion, continuing to affirm and maintain Van Dien magnesium phosphate fertilizer brand.

Mr. Van Hong Son, General Director of VADFCO shared: “We believe that the more challenging it is, the more good quality products that are environmentally friendly, safe for crops and for sustainable organic farming are required. In the coming time, the company plans to research and develop more high-end NPK fertilizer lines, and at the same time to promote the technical innovation movement, striving to have 10-15 initiatives or more to be applied into production and business. In order to repay the trust of farmers and the State in the company's products, VADFCO will continue to strive and demonstrate its responsibility in production and business, making more creative efforts to create high quality fertilizer products, better serving the farmers' production.

In the bustling atmosphere of welcoming the New Year, spring is coming in the fields and gardens, while VADFCO’s officers and employees are still enthusiastic and diligent with farmers to sow new hopes, contributing to “flourishing” the Vietnamese agriculture.

Source:  Vietnam Business Forum