Accelerating Specialized Inspection of Imports and Exports

9:24:54 AM | 8/23/2021

The customs sector has taken specific measures to continue carrying out the Project on Reforming Quality and Food Safety Inspection Forms for imported goods according to Decision 38/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister dated January 12, 2021. The sector has actively coordinated with relevant units to speed up the completion of procedures to submit to the Government for issuing a decree on specialized inspection of quality and food safety of imported goods. Based on judgment meeting at the Ministry of Justice on July 6, 2021, the General Department of Vietnam Customs urgently completed a draft decree and reported it to the Ministry of Finance in Official Dispatch 7768/BTC-TCHQ dated July 14, 2021 to forward it to the Ministry of Justice for appraisal.

The department is preparing personnel and equipment to perform quality and food safety inspection in line with the roadmap: Conducting pilot testing for products available on the market and certified criteria as per Decree 107/2016/ND-CP like testing microbiological criteria (on some dried fruit products), pilot testing for the existence of heavy metals in powdered milk, vegetables and fruits; Checking microbiological criteria and heavy metals for food additive samples; reviewing and amending the ISO 17025:2017 system; preparing documents for ISO 17065: 2013 to register product certification and request the Plant Protection Department to designate a certificate of conformity of fertilizers.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum