Truong Yen: Residents Contribute VND24 Bln for New Rural Development

8:09:28 AM | 9/22/2021

Truong Yen is an economically developed commune of Chuong My district, Hanoi because local residents are living on carpentry, bamboo and rattan handicraft, garment, trade and service, beside agriculture. This is a solid foundation for the commune to mobilize all people to engage in new countryside construction.

When the commune government announced the new rural development project and its associated planning, in addition to the budget support from Hanoi and Chuong My district, Truong Yen actively mobilized all people to engage in the project implementation and attracted local and external businesses, organizations and individuals into the project. Of the total budget of more than VND136.4 billion for new rural development, people and social resources donated nearly VND24 billion. The commune raised over VND8 billion for social security construction works.

The secret of mobilizing resources for building socialized welfare works in Truong Yen is that such works are carefully discussed by residents who elect a construction design committee and a communication committee which will give clear information, evidence, purposes and significance of these works to the people. The list of individual and collective supporters is publicly announced to inspire new donors.

As for private funding, especially from the people, the district spends on upgrading roads and drainage systems; restores and upgrades communal houses, temples and pagodas. The district directs communes and townships to mobilize contributions in various appropriate forms on the basis of promoting public democracy; manages and uses the fund contributed by the masses in a public and democratic manner. The people directly manage and invest in approved new countryside development projects.

Currently, Truong Yen is focusing on improving indicators to reach an advanced new countryside status in 2022. The province continues receiving financial support from villagers and businesses for building new cultural houses in Nhat Tien, Phu Yen and Tan Tien villages and upgrades many welfare works; raises public awareness of environmental sanitation; fosters cultural and sports movements; and maintains political security, social order and safety.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum