Leveraging Strengths, Maintaining Positive Growth Momentum

9:09:26 AM | 9/3/2021

Ninh Binh has an important strategic position - an economic and cultural exchange hub for the Red River and Ma River basins. Lying on main traffic routes like overland, railway and waterway arteries, the province has abundant potential and advantages for industrial and commercial development. Unlocking its strengths, the industry and trade sector of Ninh Binh province has achieved strong progress. Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Mr. Hoang Trung Kien, Director of the Ninh Binh Department of Industry and Trade. Nguyen Dung reports.

What solutions will the Department of Industry and Trade take to complete its tasks in 2021?

To complete its tasks in 2021, the industry and trade sector will closely follow directions of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council and the Provincial People’s Committee to effectively carry out tasks, solutions and policies of the Government, especially those relating to enterprises. In particular, the sector will strictly focus on instructions on COVID-19 control of the Provincial People's Committee; thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the Resolution of the Party Personnel Board of the Provincial People's Committee and the Plan of the Provincial People's Committee on improving the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI); synchronously implement domestic market measures, stimulate consumption demand reasonably; and facilitate enterprises to maintain production and business and extend growth momentum in 2021 and beyond.

Fostering industrial and handicraft development: Effectively carrying out the program on industrial and handicraft development in 2021-2025; accelerating infrastructure investment in industrial complexes to create the groundwork to attract projects using high technology, new technology, clean and eco-friendly technology, automobile manufacturing projects, industrial supporting projects and big taxpaying projects.

Strengthening import and export, focusing on competitive products with high added value and large share of exports; effectively and synchronously implementing solutions to stabilize the market; effectively utilizing advantages from free trade agreements (FTAs), commitments in the WTO and the ASEAN Economic Community; expanding export markets and effectively controlling imports; effectively accelerating industrial promotion, trade promotion and e-commerce programs to facilitate enterprises to upgrade technology, expand markets and develop production.

Effectively and synchronously providing market information and forecast; organizing trade fairs and rural fairs; responding to the “Buy Vietnamese” campaign which encourages Vietnamese people to give priority to using Vietnamese goods on their shopping lists; strengthening supply and demand connectivity; associating with enterprises in big cities and neighboring provinces to consume local products.

What do you think about the quality and effect of administrative reform conducted by the industry and trade sector, especially regarding public and business facilitation in handling administrative procedures?

The Department of Industry and Trade has carried out many positive and consistent solutions to accelerate public administration reform and modernize the administrative system for better service to people and businesses.

To effectively conduct public administration reform, the Department of Industry and Trade always attaches high importance to reforming administrative procedures; seriously reviews, assesses, supplements and perfects the administrative procedure reform kit within its jurisdiction. The department advised the Provincial People's Committee to issue a decision on internal processes handling administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the Department of Industry and Trade, district-level People's Committee and commune-level People's Committee (the decision reduces two steps and 413 hours of administrative procedures for all internal processes); and a decision on abolition of administrative procedures on chemicals within its competence. The department developed a scheme to arrange and consolidate its organizational apparatus and submitted it to the Department of Home Affairs for appraisal and submission to the Provincial People's Committee for consideration and ratification. It listed 100% of administrative procedures at its head office and website and via the website address www.motcua.ninhbinh.gov.vn. Currently, the Department of Industry and Trade is providing 36 Level-2 administrative procedures, 49 Level-3 administrative procedures and 41 Level-4 administrative procedures on the public administration portal and creating favorable conditions for people and businesses.

Would you mind describing the approach to attract investment capital for industry, trade and service of Ninh Binh province in the coming years, sir?

The Provincial Party Congress set the target: industrial growth of 13.4% year (by 2025, auto parts: 127,000 units, camera phone modules: 250 million products, electronic components: 270 million products; garments: over 105 million products: and footwear: 55 million pairs); retail growth of 8.5% and export value of US$3.2 billion. To realize this goal, the Department of Industry and Trade focuses on building and effectively implementing solutions outlined in the province's socioeconomic development plan for the 2021-2025 period. It will further improve policies for industrial zone development by clearly defining prioritized fields for each industrial zone and ensuring connectivity and synchronization with other fields. It will strengthen management and effectively apply night economy in the province. It will review and create a land fund, attract investment and develop various types of commercial infrastructure; socialize investment, operation and management of traditional markets; focus on planning and building night markets and walking streets in Ninh Binh City and upgrading rural markets.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum