Dak Lak Resolute for New Rural Development

10:02:05 AM | 12/9/2021

After 10 years of applying the New Rural Development Program, Dak Lak province has mobilized nearly VND40 trillion for this cause. Local people have donated more than VND2.8 trillion in cash, over 1.7 million square meters of land, and more than 252,000 working days to build essential rural infrastructure such as roads, infield canals, sports fields and cultural houses.

Mr. Duong Tin Duc, Deputy Director of the Coordination Office for Rural Area Development in Dak Lak, said the program not only changes the face of rural areas but also improves people's lives significantly. Infrastructure is invested synchronously. Agricultural production is shifted to be more sustainable and diverse.

By 2025, Dak Lak province will strive to have four districts and 100 communes qualified for new rural development standards and raise per capita income by at least 1.8 times over 2020 to VND73.8 million.

By Bao Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum